Completing the Dossier

  • The Dossier Manager enrolls in the site as students the tenured members of the Department (if the case is for tenure and promotion to associate professor) or the full professor members (if the case is for promotion to full professor). If the Chair of the Department or the Program Director are not the Dossier Manager, then the Dossier Manager enrolls them as well. 
  • The Dossier Manager uploads any Letters of Support provided for the candidate and any Miscellaneous Materials in the appropriate spot in the Blackboard site under "Department Review." 
  • Once the members of the departmental review committee and the chair have read the necessary materials, voted on the case, and prepared the necessary documents (department report and chair’s letter) the Dossier Manager then scans into .pdf form and uploads these documents. 
    • Please note that Department Chairs are expected to provide their assent or disagreement with the departmental vote, as well as a brief summary of the reasons for their decision. If they do not wish to take a position on the case, they must state their abstention clearly in their letter. In the case of joint appointments, program directors are expected to do the same.
  • The Chair/Program Director and the Candidate review the site together and then prepare a full Table of Contents, listing the material available on the site. Each signs the Table of Contents.
  • The Dossier Manager scans the document into .pdf form and then uploads it to the site. 
  • The Candidate then makes a personal export package of the files within the dossier site for their records. The candidate is responsible for maintaining his/her own export package through completion of the process.
  • The Dossier Manager makes a departmental export package of the files within the dossier site for departmental records, if such a copy does not already exist. The Department is responsible for maintaining its own export package through completion of the process. Do not create an export package after non-redacted external letters are posted.
    • Please note that if Option B were followed, whereby a separate external dossier was created, the chair should retain control of the external dossier until the final decision is received from the Board of Visitors, at which time the department should delete the external dossier.
  • The Dossier Manager then demotes the candidate to student status in order to be able to remove them from the site. 
  • The Dossier Manager then removes the candidate from the course.
  • The Dossier Manager removes departmental members from the original site.
  • Required Hard Copy Subset: The Provost's Office requires a small hard copy subset to be submitted to provide the Provost's file copy. These materials should be presented to the Dean's office in a clearly identified simple pocket folder or envelope:
    1. Original Table of Contents
    2. Chair's report
    3. Dept or Personnel Committee report
    4. Candidate personal statement
    5. Candidate's cv
    6. Original external letters or printed copy of original letters if received electronically (in sealed manila envelope).
    7. If applicable, any books that are not electronically posted to Blackboard.
    8. If necessary, hard copy course evals (if they could not be scanned to Blackboard).
  • The next step depends on whether Option A (sending materials by mail or email to external reviewers) or Option B (giving external reviewers access to materials online) was followed for acquiring external reviewer material.
    • If Option A was followed, the Dossier Manager uploads the original non-redacted letters, reviewer correspondence, and CV from external reviewers in the Secure External Materials folder.
    • If Option B was followed, the Dossier Manager needs to upload only the reviewer correspondence in the Secure External Materials folder.
  • The Manager then enrolls at the instructor level the Associate Director for Faculty Personnel Services as a representative for the Dean. (At the time of the writing of this memo, Kathy Morgan fills this position: kpmorg.) 
  • The Dean's Office will remove the Dossier Manager from course.
  • The Dean's Office is at this point responsible for adding RPT members, Deans, and the Provost.
  • Please note that the dossier site will not return to either the candidate or the Department. 
  • Records Retention: A subset of documents consisting of the final reports and administrative memos should be retained in the faculty member’s department personnel file. Other paper and electronic materials including Blackboard export files or Blackboard site should be expunged or confidentially destroyed two years after the final decision. Please refer to policies of the Library of Virginia, GS-103: Personnel Records, Page 1 and Page 7 (Series number 100499).