File Preparation

Before adding materials to your Blackboard dossier site, please make sure that you have the following ready to upload. Each of these materials will be uploaded into a separate folder on the Blackboard site. Normally, these materials should be in .docx, .doc, or .pdf file format.

  • Your curriculum vitae (CV).
  • Your personal narrative, containing your statement(s) on scholarship, teaching, and service.
  • Your scholarship, divided into the following categories, which will appear in separate folders in the dossier site: articles, books/monographs, book reviews, and other. 
  • Your teaching materials, divided into the following categories, which will appear in separate folders in the dossier site: syllabi, teaching evaluations, supplementary materials. 
  • Your service/governance materials. In most cases, Service and Governance will be detailed in your CV and/or Narrative/Statements. If there are any supporting documents or other information pertinent to Service/Governance which do not fit in these documents, those items should be included in this folder. Governance is generally College committee work, while service is a broader category of service to the College and the profession at large.
  • Miscellaneous materials. Any supporting material for professional and/or academic service that does not fit into any of the above categories can be added in this folder. For example, if you organized a conference, film festival, or symposium, etc., the program of the conference and your role in it may be detailed in a separate document. Other examples: Developing a new campus or study abroad program, giving an invited talk (provide invitation), grant proposal (state whether pending, accepted, or rejected). Note: Discussion of many of these items may appear in your Personal Narrative/Statements. If adequately described there, these items need not appear here as well. This area merely gives you an opportunity to add items or detail that have not otherwise been discussed.