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2023 STEM & SCRIM™ Esports Summer Camp
Registration opens April 2, 2023!

WEEK 1 | Monday, July 17th - Friday, July 21st (9am - 3pm)
WEEK 2 | Monday, July 24th - Friday, July 28th (9am - 3pm)

This program will balance the thrill of gaming with the need for health and wellness in the digital age.  The 2023 STEM & SCRIM™ Esports Summer Camp will have two tracks: Esports Ecosystem and Esports Casting.  Each track is offered during both weeks.  If interested in both, we recommend Esports Ecosystem during WEEK 1 and Esports Casting during WEEK 2.

The Esports Ecosystem track has an emphasis on 21st century skills of communication, leadership, casting, wellness, marketing, and coding sessions followed by coaching, practice, and competition in different game titles.

The Casting track will feature an esports caster from the industry who will provide campers with an introduction to Casting: Playing Catch with Words, Duo Casting, Public Speaking and Casting, Game Vocabulary, Rules, and Other Oddities, and Casting and the World of Esports.  Campers will receive a casting highlight reel for them to build their portfolio.

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{{youtube:large:center|fNAMTB8izC8, 2022 Intel EGFC League Championships hosted at W&M}}

Esports is the world of organized competitive video gameplay that requires a tremendous amount of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. What was once thought of as a casual video gaming culture is now a legitimate academic and applied initiative. Esports is the center for collaboration with interdisciplinary courses exploring the intersections of gaming, learning theory, psychology, computer science, music, event planning, marketing, sports analytics, and hospitality. Our students come to W&M for our tradition and stay for their future. 

It's time to play the long game and LEVEL UP!  Game On!

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