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esportscourse.jpegThe first-ever, fully online one-credit course offered during Winter 2020 was a success! Students registered for the "Introduction to Esports" class learned from industry leaders, educators, and practioners on topics from casting, wellness, high school and collegiate directors to coaches, content creators, and streamers. 

Look for the Summer 2021 Esports Level-Up course offerings.  Game on! 



W&M prepares students to enter the $1.1 billion esports industry by offering interdisciplinary courses to coach them for a career in one of today’s fastest growing markets. 

Programs being explored:
  • Esports Fundamentals;
  • Health and wellness of student gamers and varsity gamers;
  • Narrative/storytelling in game design;
  • Music theory for in-game content;
  • Shoutcasting, broadcasting, or commentating tournaments;
  • Data science;
  • Event planning and development;
  • Marketing;
  • Game strategies;
  • Sports management;
  • Internships; and
  • Research.