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William & Mary Mobile

Access essential information anywhere, anytime on your mobile device – available for iOS, Android and on the web at W&M Mobile provides a variety of campus information and services for the university community.

  • Check course schedules and grades
  • Access Blackboard
  • View dining locations and menus
  • View transit schedules and routes
  • Manage your Tribe Card and laundry
  • Access TribeLink
  • Reserve a study room
  • Search the directory
  • Find locations on campus
  • View featured calendars and events
  • Read the latest news
  • Receive emergency information, alerts and reminders
  • Get access to the W&M sticker pack in Messages & FaceTime (iOS)

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Now Featuring Healthy Together

Healthy Together provides easy access to the Kallaco portal for uploading your COVID-19 vaccination information and managing your testing. It also provides access to reporting options and Virginia's COVIDWISE app, and displays real-time information about the occupancy of campus spaces like computer labs and Swem Library. Students, faculty and staff can also find the Daily Health Check to see whether they have developed symptoms of COVID-19 and to get next steps. 

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Or, visit from any browser to use the mobile web version.

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Additional W&M Apps

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