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Key Roles & Definitions

A two-column table for organizational purposes.
Hiring Official
The Hiring Official (HO) owns the hiring decision and is ultimately responsible for actively participating in the employment process including evaluating the position and applicants. 
Employment Specialist
The Employment Specialist partners with the hiring official throughout the recruiting and hiring process. The Employment Specialist guides the hiring official through the hiring process ensuring all hiring and compliance protocols are followed and provides updates and training as required. 
Classification & Compensation Analyst
The Classification & Compensation Analyst (C&C) partners with the Hiring Official on creating and/or updating position descriptions as well as compensation matters for applicant offers.
Position Description
The position description (PD) is a document which details the essential functions, required and preferred qualifications, conditions of employment, and physical requirements for a job. This document serves as the foundation for the job posting and selection. The PD is also used to develop performance standards. A well developed and concise PD is essential.  
Job Posting
The job posting is a publicly accessible document with job details which appear on the university job site. The job posting may reflect aesthetic or marketing related changes from the position description. However, the substance of the job, such as job duties, must remain the same.
Hiring Proposal
The hiring proposal is a document which details the position, compensation, start date, and other key candidate information required for completion of hire.