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Selection/Hiring Proposals

Reference Checks

Reference checks are a critical and required part of the selection process. They offer insight about an applicant's current and past performance and may reveal indicators of workplace violence or other concerns. You may check references at any time during the process. 

  • Alert applicants prior to contacting references; 
  •  The Hiring Official may delegate reference checks to the search committee;
  • Reference checks may be conducted at any time but are customarily conducted on all position finalists;
  • Hiring Officials must conduct at least two reference checks prior to initiating an offer;
  • References should have a professional, academic, or volunteer relationship with the applicant; personal references are not accepted;
  • At least one reference should be a current or recent supervisor;
  • If a finalist is a current or recent employee of the university, the Hiring Official shall contact the current or recent employing department prior to finalizing the hire. The Hiring Official shall consider job related information such as disciplinary actions and performance reviews.
  •  Linked is a sample reference check form  (pdf). 
  • Information gathered from a reference check is considered confidential.   
Applicant Coding (Reasons for Non-Selecction, Disposition)

Hiring Officials must record advancing applicants at each stage of the process. For example. If an applicant was interviewed, the Hiring Official must indicate this status within the system. By the offer stage, all applicants should display one of the following statuses:

  • Not Under Consideration
  • Withdrawn
  • Finalist
  • First Alternate

Hiring Officials are encouraged to identify one or more runners-up (first alternate) applicants. This choice comes into play if the top choice applicant declines or cancels their acceptance. Hiring Officials are responsible for recording non-selection reasons for all applicants who are “Not Under Consideration. Reasons for non-selection must be job-related. The following non-selection reasons are unacceptable and may not be used to disqualify applicants:

  • Any protected class attribute, including, but not limited to, race, sex, age, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, political affiliation, veteran status;
  • Physical or mental disability that does not interfere with the applicant's ability to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation;
  • Assumptions about the applicant’s willingness to relocate or accept the job;
  • Assumption about work eligibility status;
  • Assumptions that applicant is "over qualified";
  • Other factors which are not job-related
Final Selection and Hiring Proposal 

The Hiring Official shall select the top applicant from among position finalists. The Hiring Official shall then seek formal approval prior to extending an employment offer. Gather recruitment records. (See Recruitment Documents

Begin the Hiring Proposal Process via PeopleAdmin.

  • See the Managing Applicants through to Hiring Proposal Guide (pdf)
  • Please note: Within the proposal, Hiring Officials will be asked to provide a robust justification for the selection of the applicant (1-2 paragraphs). Hiring Officials will submit a separate explanation for the requested offer amount that is based on the applicant’s qualifications and references and that aligns with the market data.
  • The hiring proposal will undergo a series of approvals within PeopleAdmin.
Following PeopleAdmin confirmation, the Hiring Official provides a verbal offer to the applicant. 
  • Supply search records to Employment Specialist as a single PDF. Please see the page for document examples.
  • The Employment Specialist will issue the offer letter.
If you have knowledge of any of the following, please alert the Employment Specialist:
  • Employee will work out of state;
  • Employee will work out of the country;
  • Employee currently works for another state agency, to include VIMS/W&M;
  • Employee revealed past state agency service;
  • Employee revealed past benefits with VRS
Once accepted, update PeopleAdmin to reflect Offer Acceptance. 
  • Review the hiring proposal for complete data related to justifications, start date and salary. The information within the hiring proposal will populate the offer letter. 

An Employment Specialist will initiate any required background checks, prepare and send to the applicant an offer letter and initiate the I-9 process.