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PeopleAdmin Workflows & Resources

PeopleAdmin is William & Mary's online position management and recruitment system for updating job descriptions, requesting a job classification review, and for hiring new employees.

To begin the process of recruitment, an approved position description is required. Every department has an assigned Classification & Compensation Analyst to assist you in position management and an assigned member of the Talent Acquisition Team to assist with recruitment.

There are two position types in PeopleAdmin:

  • Staff & PPF (Professionals/Professional Faculty)
  • Instructional & Executive

See below for workflows (also known as the approval process) and job aids for using PeopleAdmin.

Workflows and Job Aids
PeopleAdmin Workflows

These workflows diagram the processes involved to navigate the position management and recruitment processes.

Position Management:
Recruitment and Selection:
PeopleAdmin Job Aids

These job aids have been created to provide guidance and reference for completing position and recruitment actions.

Position Management:
Recruitment and Selection:
Posting Process Step By Step
  1. Classification & Compensation approves the position description: approval prompts posting of question email.
  2. Hiring Official responds to posting email: replies to Talent Acquisition Team with details such as search committee members, advertising plans, applicant documents and target duration.
  3. Talent Acquisition Team reviews and posts: reviews texts, recruitment plan and advertised salary per Classification & Compensation guidelines.
  4. Hiring Official prepares/submits screening grid to Talent Acquisition: reflects the qualifications of job and/or veteran status.
  5. Talent Acquisition Team reviews and approves screening grid: reviews for alignment with qualifications, extraneous material.
Staff Hiring Proposal Steps
  1. Hiring Official initiates and advances to Employment Salary Review.
  2. Talent Acquisition reviews and advances to Level 1.
  3. Level 1 (department) reviews and advances to Level 2.
  4. Level 2 (division) reviews and advances to Budget/Sponsored Programs (if grant-funded).
  5. Budget/Sponsored Programs reviews and advances to Employment Review.
  6. Employment reviews and advances to "Hiring Official approved to extend offer."
  7. Hiring Official makes verbal offer and advances to "Offer Accepted..."
  8. Talent Acquisition Team advances to Hire Approved and initiates background check process.

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