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International Student Advisory Board (ISAB)


Mission Statement

The purpose of the International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) is to provide advice to the Office of International Students, Scholars & Programs (ISSP) on issues that are important to international students and to work collaboratively to support the success of all international students.


Established in 2011, ISAB represents the needs and concerns of international students at William & Mary and VIMS and works towards improving the college experience for all international students.

Goal 1: Board members will provide feedback on the programs and services provided by ISSP and other university departments. Board members will also have the opportunity to comment on the overall experience of being a student at W&M and VIMS. International students need to know that their voices and ideas are valued, and ISSP has a responsibility to actively integrate ISAB's feedback, concerns, and ideas into general programming and goals.

Goal 2: Board members will support and advocate for the success of W&M’s and VIMS’s international students. Board members will do this by:

  • providing outreach to international students.
  • educating the campus community about the needs of international students.
  • sharing experiences and expertise with other international students and the campus community.
About the Logo

The ISAB logo consists of several meaningful components. Created by Lopa Das ’17, and officially adopted by ISAB in 2012, the design incorporates the W&M cypher in the center signifying the meeting of students from around the globe under the same platform of our institution, a seven point star symbolizing the seven continents, and an annular outer shape to convey unity and connectedness. The green, as well as being an official W&M color, represents youthfulness, growth, and friendship while the other official W&M color, gold, also represents warmth and happiness.


The board will be composed of undergraduate and graduate international students from different programs and countries, as well as one ISSP staff member. Other students or representatives from the university may be invited as guests to meetings. Members will be expected to serve two-semester terms. However, students can choose to serve on the board for more than two semesters.


1. ISAB members are expected to attend all meetings and represent the international student population to the best of their abilities. ISAB officially meets three times a semester; members who miss two unexcused meetings a semester might be asked to leave the board. 

2. Members are asked to help shape the short-and-long-term objectives of ISSP. 

3. Members will fulfill their outreach and advocacy roles by agreeing to provide support in the following areas:

  • provide outreach and solicit feedback from international students
  • meet with and provide feedback and counsel to other departments when appropriate
  • serve on panels or other appropriate campus/student committees
Rewards of Being a Member

Serving on ISAB provides members with many opportunities to:

  • represent the voices and experiences of international students
  • develop as leaders
  • shape ISSP's programs and policies
  • give back to the international student community and the university
  • work with other international students and ISSP staff

ISSP also provides professional and leadership development opportunities for members such as support to attend the annual International Student Leadership Conference in Harrisonburg, VA.

2023-2024 Board Members

If you have questions about ISAB, please contact [[srtaylor,Shakia Taylor]].