All J-1 scholars must show funding for their time at William & Mary or VIMS. This is a US government requirement. These estimates are only used for issuing DS-2019 immigration documents, and when applying for a visa.

You must provide copies of financial documents that show that you have funds to come to William & Mary. Your funding is expected to be available during your time here. You will upload your financial documents through iStart.

If you will be paid by William & Mary, that can count as your funding. Your department will provide us with your salary amount.

Funding Requirements

Funding must be shown for each month that you will be at William and Mary, for you and any dependents (spouse or children) who join you in J-2 status. 

You must show $1850 for every month you are here, and $650 per dependent.


Number of People Month Year
Scholar $1850 $22200
Scholar + 1 dependent $2500 $30000
Scholar + 2 dependents $3150 $37800
Each additional dependent $650 $7800