Non-Degree Seeking Students

Fall & Spring Semesters

William & Mary offers limited access to non-degree-seeking status during the Fall and Spring semesters. In all cases during Fall and Spring, non-degree-seeking student registration begins on the first day of classes. Those eligible to apply include:

  • post-baccalaureate degree-holders
  • degree-seeking students at other institutions on official visiting or exchange status
  • concurrent high school students
  • senior citizens
  • individuals auditing a class
  • faculty spouses and faculty/staff making use of tuition waivers (and not in a degree-seeking program)

Summer Terms

In the summer, W&M also welcomes students from other institutions without the formality of the "visiting" student requirements that exist in the fall and spring terms (only for non-baccalaureate degree-holders looking to complete non-degree coursework).  Summer registration for non-degree-seeking students begins in March; see the When to Register section for full details and the Summer Study page for undergraduate-specific opportunities.

Must-know Information

Non-degree students are responsible for understanding and abiding by certain requirements and policies. You are required to review the Non-Degree Student Policies & Resources before registering for your first class.