Quick Tips for a Successful Registration

Read Before You Register!

  1. Check to be sure there are no holds on your account.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the two different avenues to registration in Banner self-service:
    • Registration (Add/Drop Classes) Worksheet – allows direct data entry of up to five CRNs
    • Look Up Classes to Add – search for classes and check a box to register for open sections
  3. Be familiar with what happens during the first week of undergraduate registration:
    • Initial registration windows stay open for 23 hours during the first week.  Then, beginning on Monday of the following week, all undergraduates may continue registration until the end of classes.
    • Major Restrictions – During priority registration, some departments restrict registration in specific classes to students who have declared the major.   They will be lifted after the first week (priority registration) and before schedule adjustment opens for all degree-seeking students.
  4. Have a long list of alternate courses and different sections of courses mapped out on a piece of paper, including CRN and days/times so that you can move quickly once registration begins.
  5. Drill down on the course titles to see prerequisites, co-requisites, class/major restrictions, and instructor approval requirements.  Be sure that you have met these before you begin registration.
  6. Familiarize yourself with the Banner registration errors; view a list with explanations.
  7. At the moment your registration window opens, as many as 1400 other students will also begin registration.  The system has been tweaked and engineered to manage the load, but there will still be delays, and if even 30 of those 1400 want the same section you do, and the section only holds 15 people, then 15 of you will be disappointed.
  8. Remember that your initial window will close after the first day, and schedule adjustment resumes the following week.
  9. Some students report that a “wired” connection to the internet allows faster registration response time than a wireless connection. 
  10. Using the “Registration Worksheet” can be the quickest way to submit a desired CRN, if you enter only one CRN at a time (Note, however:  enter all of the required CRNs if the course has co-requisites). If you enter 5, the processing time may mean that you don't get any of them. Some students find that, if you have a strong preference for a particular section of a high-demand course and you are certain that you meet all restrictions and prerequisites, you may be successful if you enter it first and submit immediately. Then try your next priority.
  11. By 5 minutes into your Registration Window, things will have calmed down. At that point, you could either submit multiple CRNs on the “Registration Worksheet” OR use the “Look Up Classes to Add” feature, which allows you to search by attribute (e.g., GER5, FRSEM, etc.) or other feature and returns a list of classes that fit the search criteria. 

For help logging into myWM: 221-HELP (4357)
For help within Banner registration: 221-2800 (faster response than email during registration)
For help finding open classes: 221-2476 (Academic Advising)