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Connect to Banner Admin PROD (on campus)

Mac Users can use this link to Banner Admin PROD for a better screen resolution.

Off-campus?  View your options for Banner Admin access from off-campus.

Banner Admin

Faculty and staff use Banner Admin to manage financial, student and human resource information. Access to Banner Admin is restricted and must be approved. To justify access, users must demonstrate a legitimate need to for access to confidential department data.  Training is required for access to be granted.

Need password help?  Check our Password Information page

Banner has a nightly back-up maintenance outage starting at 3:30 am.

Banner Admin will timeout after 60 minute of inactivity.  Reinitiate your session by following the prompts to login.  You will be required to enter your Banner Username, Password, and the Database name (usually "prod").

Requirements for Access
  1. Login to Request IT and submit a Banner Access Request form.  
  2. If we do not already have a Banner Confidentiality Agreement on file for you, you will be asked to submit one. Follow instructions for submission.
  3. Complete the Banner Admin Navigation Training. Course must be passed before access is given.
  4. Functional training is usually required.

Projects with a Banner Component

Initiating a project that has a Banner component or a Banner integration piece to it?   Get started by submitting a Project & Programming Request via Request IT

Links to Banner Admin Databases

Banner users will primarily use the PROD database of Banner Admin.  So what does PROD mean anyway?  PROD stands for production - as in the production of live data.  The other Banner databases are primarily used for testing and training.

  • PROD - Production area
  • MAC users - PROD - Production area

During training, you will use the TEST database. 

  • TEST - For training purposes as well as a long-term testing area

Only a handful of Banner users will use the following Banner databases (and you know who you are.)  These databases are refreshed weekly on Sunday nights.

  • USER - Administrative testing and troubleshooting
  • PPRD - Final testing area for the development of new programs
  • DEVL - Development of new programs.  (Designated for IT development)
  • UPGR - Upgrade Testing

Use Discoverer to run reports from Banner.

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