Project & Programming Requests

Looking to begin a project with an Information Technology component?  Get the process started by submitting a Project & Programming Request via Request IT.

Project & Programming Requests may include:

  • Modification to an application that was written by IT
  • Help with upgrading or enhancing existing technology systems
  • New reports or changes to existing IT provided reports
  • Data from an IT owned system (such as reports from Banner)
  • Assistance from IT as you explore the technical aspects of an upcoming project
  • Changes you'd like to make to a business process that may involve technology
  • IT advisement prior to purchasing any technology resources that require integration with existing systems

To Begin
  1. Start by logging in to Request IT (remember to add "campus\" prior entering your WMuserid). 
  2. Hover over Project and Programming Requests and click on Create New Request
  3. In Block 1, choose between submitting a project and programming request or requesting (or modifying) a report.
  4. Fill-out the form by entering as much information as possible.  You may also include and attachment with additional information.
  5. Click Save to submit your request.

What's Next?

After we receive your request, IT will do an initial evaluation and may contact your for more information.  IT will then determine if your request should be classified as a standard work or report request or as a project, and assign it to the appropriate area.  Work and report requests usually have a fairly short turn-over time, whereas project requests tend to take longer to process. A complete evaluation of a project request will be performed and, if approved, a determination will be made on the subsequent course of action. This process may take a while to complete and you will be periodically informed about progress.

Need Technical Support?

The Project & Programming Request form is meant to initiate a project or modify an existing project.  It is not intended for support requests or technical help on projects.  For assistance and support, contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) at [[support]], (757) 221-4357 (HELP).