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Banner 9

Banner 9 (via IT Links WeBsite)

Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Access Banner 9 Admin

Banner 9 uses a two-step verification system called Duo.  Two-step verification utilizes your William & Mary CAS login credentials PLUS a secondary form of identification (like a code sent to your cell phone or office phone), providing an additional layer of security to the Banner system.

Instructions for enrolling in Duo

After you are enrolled in Duo, you can access Banner Admin by going to the IT Links website (  There is a link to Banner Admin Production (aka PROD) on the landing page. Links to other instances of Banner (DEVL, TEST, USER, PPRD, and UPGR) can be found on the left-hand navigation menu.

Access Requirements 

Want to access Banner Admin?  Access is granted based on job function.  To be granted access, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Request IT and submit a Banner Access Request form.  
  2. If we do not already have a Banner Confidentiality Agreement on file for you, you will be asked to submit one. Follow instructions for submission.
  3. Complete the Banner Admin Navigation Training. Course must be passed before access is given.
  4. Functional training is usually required.

Devices and Browsers

Banner Admin works on various types of devices.  In addition to using a traditional laptop or computer, Banner 9 also works on large-screen mobile devices, like tablets and iPads.  

Banner 9 is also compatible with any type of modern web browser.  You can choose your favorite... Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.  The previous version of Banner (Banner 8) was limited to Internet Explorer; a browser which is not recommended for Banner 9.

Off-Campus Access to Banner Admin

To ensure security, off-campus access to Banner Admin and Discoverer must be channeled through our secure network environments. You have two options to connect with Banner Admin and Discoverer from off-campus:

Option One - Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktops (VDI) is similar to using a PAC lab or classroom podium computer. This method is Mac-friendly and can be used on mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones, along with your desktop and laptop.  It also allows you to store information in your campus network drives as well as access standard computer applications and software like Microsoft Office. 

Option Two - VPN to Remote Desktop

Use our Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access your desktop remotely.  This method works only if you have a VPN account already established and a computer on campus that is turned on. Mac computers might also encounter problems with this method.  However, you must use this method if you plan to use TOAD in conjunction with Banner Admin, as TOAD can only be accessed via the VPN (and not through VDI) due to licensing agreements. 

Banner Maintenance 

Banner has a nightly back-up maintenance outage starting at 3:30am which lasts about an hour.

Banner will also occasionally undergo occasional maintenance which will result in complete or partial outages to Banner itself and Banner-dependent systems.   The maintenance is generally conducted on Sunday mornings.  Find details and a list of affected systems on the Banner Maintenance Window website.  Please plan accordingly.  

Projects with a Banner Component

Initiating a project that has a Banner component or a Banner integration piece to it?   Get started by submitting a Project & Programming Request via Request IT


Questions? Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[support]] | Jones 201, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm