Faculty Directory

Bakhtiari, Elyas
Assistant Professor
Office: Morton Hall 216
Email: [[ebakhtiari]]
Research Areas: Health Disparities, Cross-National Comparison of Health Outcomes, Racial/Ethnic Inequality, Immigrant Incorporation, and Muslim Diasporas

Bickham Mendez, Jennifer
Office: Morton Hall 215
Email: [[jbmend]]
Phone: 757-221-2603
Research Areas: Immigration, Latino/a Studies, Border Studies, Citizenship and Belonging, Race/Class/Gender, Social Movements

Gosin, Monika
Assistant Professor
Office: Morton Hall 224
Email: [[mngosin]]
Research Areas: Africana and Latina/o Studies, international migration; Interethnic Relations; Race and gender in media.
Office Hours: Fall:


Hand, Judith
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: Morton Hall 232
Email: [[jahand]]
Phone: 757-221-6331


Hanley, Caroline
Associate Professor
Office: Morton Hall 231
Email: [[cehanl]]
Research Areas: Earnings and employment inequality; race, class and gender; economic sociology; spatial inequality; state and local economic development policy
Office Hours: Fall:

Jenkins, Kathleen
Office: Morton Hall 230
Email: [[kejenk]]
Research Areas: Religion and Family, Therapeutic Culture, Sociology of Pilgrimage, New Religious Movements

Kaup, Brent
Associate Professor
Office: Morton Hall 225
Email: [[bzkaup]]
Research Areas: Environmental Sociology, Political Ecology, Political Economy, Globalization & Development
Personal Webpage: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/bzkaup}}


Kumral, Sefika
Assistant Professor
Office: Morton Hall 233
Phone: 757-221-1452
Email: [[skumralkaratas@wm.edu]]
Research Areas: Global Sociology; Comparative-Historical Sociology; Political Sociology; Ethnicity; Violence, Development; Social Movements

Linneman, Thomas J.
Office: Morton Hall 227
Email: [[tjlinn]]
Research Areas: Masculinities and Media, Gender and Speech, Sexualities and Religion, Aging, Statistics in the Social Sciences

Ousey, Graham C.
Professor and Chair
Office: Morton Hall 217
Email: [[gcouse]]
Phone: 757-221-2591
Research Areas: Social Ecology of Violence; Victim-Offender Overlap; Dynamics of Offending and Victimization; Immigration and Crime

Gul Ozyegin

Ozyegin, Gul
Margaret L. Hamilton Professor of Sociology and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
Office: Morton Hall 319
Email: [[gxozye]]
Research Areas: Gender and Sexuality, Muslim Societies and Diasporas, Work and Occupations, Globalization, Transnationalism and Immigration

Quark, Amy
Associate Professor
Office: Morton Hall 214
Email: [[aaquark]]
Research Areas: Globalization; Uneven Development; Transnational Governance; Food and Agriculture
Office Hours: Fall:

Saporito, Salvatore
Associate Professor
Office: Morton Hall 211
Email: [[sjsapo]]
Research Areas: Sociology of Education, Spatial Inequality, GIS methods
Office Hours: Fall:

Sohoni, Deenesh
Associate Professor
Office: Morton Hall 212
Email: [[dssoho]]
Phone: 757-221-2596
Research Areas: Race and Ethnicity, Immigration, Asian American Studies, Law and Citizenship


Stiman, Meaghan
Lecturer of Sociology
Office: Morton Hall 226
Email: [[mlstiman]]
Research Areas: Community and urban, inequality, culture, ethnography


Vincent, Jolene
Lecturer of Sociology
Jolene Vincent: Morton Hall 213
Email:: [[jvincent]]
Research Areas: Homicide; Human Trafficking; Domestic Violence; Racial & Gender Disparities in Crime