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Sharp Seminar Collaboration with the Pulitzer Center

The Sharp Seminar is a joint initiative between the Pulitzer Center and William & Mary, established with the generous gift from Anne and Barry Sharp. The program pairs Pulitzer Center-sponsored journalists with William & Mary students, who are invited by faculty to apply to the program. Participating students learn how to communicate to a broad audience about topics that they have studied and care deeply about. The course is designed to help students improve their ability to write as citizens for other citizens.

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During the fall students, learn the basics of journalism, hone in on a topic of interest, and begin the groundwork of their reporting. Over the winter break, students take their interviewing and reporting skills on location and dive into their topic of choice for a first-hand perspective. The spring semester focuses on developing and writing the story for a public audience. At the end of the spring, student stories are eligible to be published on the Pulitzer Center's website.

Applications for 2023-2024 are now closed.

For questions about the Sharp Seminar or application process, email [[mmcloe, Maxwell Cloe]].

Jordan Anderson - The Irony of President Vladimir Putin's Culture War
Mary Beth Bauermann
- A Walk Down Beale Street: Challenges of Revitalizing Historic Black Cultural Centers
Alexandra Byrne - Preservation Efforts for Groundbreaking Rosenwald Schools -- Will National Park Status Come? And What Might That Mean for Communities?
Emma Henry - Scientists Along the East Coast Face Challenges in Spotted Lanternfly Research
Kaleea Korunka - Ghost Gear: Haunting Chesapeake Bay
Abby Paras - Re-Examining Asian-American Film: Anna May Wong and the Fight Against Invisibility
Catherine Storke - Political Coalition Launches Historic Campaign for Asian-American Voter Engagement
Previous Years

Charis Conwell - Protest at William & Mary's Charter Day Ceremony Marks Apprehension Surrounding Education Reform
Madeleine Harris - Group Aims to Help Tribal Women Heal from Trauma
Kate Kowalski - Growing Anti-Abortion Movement in Spain Inspires New Legislation
Reese O'Brien - Indie Bookstores' COVID Recovery: Leveraging TikTok and
Daniel Posthumus - Search For Facilitator Further Delays Iowa Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Zoha Siddiqui - Autonomous Feminists Reconcile Chile's Dictatorship - and Ongoing Abuses
India Turner - The Need for Rehabilitative Justice in Icelandic Prisons
Dana Armstrong - Painting Progress: How Organizations are Supporting Social Justice Public Artists
Millie Brigaud - Despite the Pandemic, Some Romani-Americans are Building Community and Celebrating Their Identity
Daisy Garner - Dying Abroad: The Fight for Assisted Dying in the UK
Kelsey Garrett - How Mauritius Handled COVID-19 and What the United States Could Learn From the Tiny Island Nation
Jasmine Geonzon - Norfolk's New Energy: The City's Latest Plans Create Problems for Its Longest Residents
Maggie Manson - Will Algeria Move Toward or Further Away from Transitional Justice?
Eric Thompson Jr. - How the Rise of Social Justice in Athletics is Transforming the Identity of Black Athletes in America
Emily Topness - In Alaska Fisheries, COVID-19 May Intensify Gender Inequality
Rebecca Topness - Nonprofit Farms Foster Community and Fight Hunger During COVID-19
Mary Trimble - "We are because they were. Because we are, they will be." A Community Fights for Its Identity in a Pandemic
Laura Tutko - The Tipping Point - Covid-19 Stressors Intensify Substance Use and Addiction in the American Food Service Industry
Emma Ward - How COVID Has Disrupted Rehabilitative Prison Arts Programs
Martha Gizaw - A Techie's Cure to Feel Pure: Virginia's Unique Linkage to Caregiving Technology
Claire Hogan - Is Witchcraft Too Mainstream?
Jamie Holt - No Dogs Left Behind: The SATO Project in Puerto Rico Carmen Honker - An Uphill Battle: University of Puerto Rico Students, Professors Respond to Severe Budget Cuts at Beloved Institution
Grace Kier - Three Years on, Center for SafeSport Faces Controversy
Maggie More - Tiny Islands, Big Energy: How Orkney, Scotland Is Fighting Climate Change
Kristen Popham - Half a Century After Their Deportation, Chagossians Employ Football and Community as Tools of Resistance
Adithi Ramakrishnan - Found Family: LGBTQ+ Immigrants Create Community Through Shared Experience
Jack Shangraw - 'Once You're Discovered You Can Never Go Back': The Paradox of Cruise Tourism
Kelsey Wright - Community Fights Construction of Mountain Valley Pipeline
William Curtis - Finding Community Through Podcasts Anna Gleason - Green Incubators: UAE Rethinks Sustainability with 'Sustainable Cities' Rachel Layko - A Long Road to Recovery: Rebuilding After Hurricane Florence in North Carolina Amy Olejniczak - Italian Communities Combatting Hidden Struggles Megan Pierce - Between the Desert and the Sea: The Plight of Refugees in Morocco Taro Shirakawa - The Rise of Importance of Personal Development Education in Higher Education Jack Sims - Southern Hospitality? Immigrants Settling in Richmond Brooke Stephenson - Indigenous Communities Seek More Support to Keep Women, Children Safe
Heather Baier - Laughed Away: Brexit Raises Concerns About Environmental Protections Lexi Godfrey - Profile of Iraqi Human Rights Activist Frustrated by International Organizations Thea Gu - English Learners at a D.C. Public Charter School Erika Jaimes - Creating Home in Refuge Amelia Lucas - Swedish Opposition to Cash-Free Economy Gains Momentum Gabbie Pachon - Uber in London: A Global Economic and Social Impact Noah Petersen - The Face of Financial Abuse Sarah Shevenock - Exploring Mental Illness Through Musical Theatre Talia Wiener - Hope for the Future: Alaskan Community Works to Revive Native Languages
Madeline Bielski - A Herd and a Hope: The Fight to Reopen Canada's Prision Farms
Holly Fleming - Teaching Artists Provide Access to Arts in New York City
Jesse Granger - Saving the Monarch Butterfly or Saving the Village
Iris Hyon - Initiating the Dialogue: How 'Letters for Black Lives' Sparked Conversations About Asian American Identity
Sri Harshini Malapati - Child Labor Trafficking: The Work of NGOs in Bangalore and Hyderabad
William Neely - Cuba 'Libre': How Independent Citizens Are Ushering in Cuba's Information Revolution
Lorraine Pettit - South Africa's Fees Must Fall: Paving the Road to Equality
Brandon Posner - Uganda: Building Tomorrow Amid Issues of Land Rights
Sarah Ruiz - Between the Earth and the Sky Kayla Sharpe - U.S. Colleges Shed Light on Their Enslavement History
Lillian Waddill - Refugees in Texas: Attitudes Toward Security and Service
Merci Best - Over 400,000 Potential Unfilled STEM Jobs: Houston We Have a Problem! Alexandra Granato - Not the Usual NIMBY: LA's Balance of Rights in Residential Homelessness Thomas Le - No More Saving Face: Empowering Asian-American Women to Seek Mental Health Treatment Catie Liebeck - Alternative Healing, A Walk in the Forest Sydney Mahan - Recovery Road: The Heroin and Opiate Epidemic in Virginia Diba Mohtasham - In Tehran, Gallery Hopping is a Trend
Nathalie Moore - Citizen-for-Service Program and the National Interest
Meagan Phillips - The Cat's Out of the Bag: Cat Cafes Make Successful Debuts in the U.S. Jeremy Rellosa - Nepal: Local Guides, Foreign Climbers Consider Life After Earthquake
Nicole Walsh - Boston's Efforts to End Sex Trafficking Amanda Williams - Tanzania's Challenge in Preventing Deforestation
Hannah Berk - The Right to Know Your Rights: Language Access in the Justice System
Akshay Deverakonda - The Fall of Icarus: Ivanpah's Solar Controversy
Alexis Foxworth - What's in a Vote? Akela Lacy - Italy: The Future of Migrants and Refugees
Rachel Merriman-Goldring - The War Over Wilderness: Drakes Bay Oyster Company and the Preservation Movement
William Plews-Ogan - New Justice Center: A Beacon of Hope for Oglala Sioux Amid Complex Challenges
Katharine Sucher - Private Tiger Ownership in U.S.
Becca Thorpe - The Future of Confucius Institutes in the U.S.
Ellen Wexler - When Employers Demand Skills Professors Cannot Define

Hannah Boes - Charm City Gets Real
Daniel Casey - The Volkswagens and Cadillacs: Restoring the Chesapeake Bay
Brian Comiskey - Unlocking the SAFE Act: US Immigration Detention Policy and Reform in 2014
Claire Gillespie - Let Them Take Tests: The Common Core State Standards as Implemented in Illinois Elementary Schools
Dana Hayes - Hannibal's Hungary Tumblr Fandom
Olivia Jebb - The Residency Bottleneck: A Speed Bump in the Healthcare Road
Lizzy Pelletier - Testing in Harm's Way
Meg Schwenzfeier - Consumer Data Privacy in Politics


Aly Brahe - The Crackdown: Spanish Protestor Becomes Symbol for Free Expression
Sarah Caspari - Global Perception of Che Guevara
Andrea Filzen - Clash on the Border of the Tohomo O'odham Nation
Katie Kennedy - Use It or Lose It: Social Media in the 2012 US Election
Max Lander - School Garden Programs and Food Security
Dana McKelvey - Bosnia Prepares for First Post-War Census
Deborah Van Roy - El Nuevo South: A Land of Isolation
Allyson Zacharoff - Spain Rights the Wrong of Jewish Exile?


Morgan Barker - Seeing Disability
Mitch Caudill - Protecting Chimpanzees from Hollywood and Extinction
Kate Furgurson - Labor Policy in the 2012 Farm Bill
Sharon Hartzell - Peeking into Appalachia: Is the "Outsider Activist" a Myth?
Dylan Kolhoff - The Future of Democracy in China
Ani-Rae Lovell - Full Court Press: Pursuing Rights Protection in State Court
Gabrielle Names - Capturing the 'I'iwi
Jasmine Rodenburg - The Future of Xcel Energy in Colorado
Lisa Sthreshley - Does Congo Really Need Us?
Rachel Wallace - How Does Your Garden Grow? Virginia Students Bloom In Outdoor Classroom

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