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Phase II: Environmental Analysis

In Phase II, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC) expanded its information gathering and community outreach through the work of subcommittees. These subcommittees explored three areas of focus: teaching & learning, research & innovation and flourishing & engagement.


Subcommittees interrogated each area of focus through at least five lenses: diversity and inclusion, resources, global, technology and sustainability. Subcommittee members identified external trends and then framed internal structures and existing programming within the broader trends. In the process of scanning, subcommittees shared relevant articles, so community members could engage with external trends alongside them. 


Each subcommittee produced a white paper in January 2020. Subcommittee co-chairs presented their papers at a livestreamed forum on January 30, 2020. White papers explored the three areas of focus through the lens of diversity and inclusion, resources, global, technology and sustainability. The community then provided feedback to the SPSC.


Each subcommittee was co-chaired by two members of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee. Subcommittees included Strategic Planning Steering Committee members as well as members of the William & Mary community with appropriate expertise.

A three-column table showing members of each subcommittee
Teaching & Learning Research & Innovation Flourishing & Engagement
Steve Hanson, co-chair
Cathy Forestell, co-chair
Carl Friedrichs, co-chair
Amy Sebring, co-chair
Ginger Ambler, co-chair
Suzanne Raitt, co-chair