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This is an informal collection of William & Mary policies compiled by the Professionals and Professional Faculty Assembly for the convenience of PPFs.

I. Mission, Ethics, and Rights

A. W&M Mission Statement
B. W&M Code of Ethics
C. Strategic Plan
D. Statement of Protections Against Discrimination

II. Administrative Organization

A. The Board of Visitors and Chancellor
B. The President of William & Mary
C. The Provost
D. Vice Presidents
E. Faculty and Instructional Officers (pdf) - Faculty Handbook II.d
F. Representative Bodies for Staff and Faculty

  1. Professionals and Professional Faculty Assembly
  2. Staff Assembly
  3. Faculty Assembly
III. Terms and Conditions of Employment

A. Classification Policy for University Employees
B. Intellectual Property Policy
C. Academic Freedom and Professional Ethics (pdf) - Faculty Handbook Section III.
D. Appointments and Termination Policy (pdf)
E. Performance Planning and Evaluation Policy
F. Employee Background Checks Procedure

IV. Compensation Policy
V. Training, Education & Professional Development
VI. Benefits

A.  Leave Benefits for Professionals and Professional Faculty
B.  Sick Leave, Disability Leave, and Family Leave (for Professionals, Professional Faculty, and Operational Staff)
C.  Leave Share Policy (for Professionals, Professional Faculty, and Operational Staff)
D. Severance Benefits (pdf)
E.  Benefits (Human Resources' webpage with links to information about many benefits, including leave, insurance, and retirement)
F.  Tuition Waiver Program

VII. Conflicts of Interest

A. Contracts

  1. Employment of Family Members (pdf) - Faculty Handbook Section III.E.1.a

B. Consensual Amorous Relations Policy

  1. Consensual Amorous Relationship with Colleagues (pdf) - Faculty Handbook Section III.E.2.a
  2. Consensual Amorous Relationship with Students (pdf) - Faculty Handbook Section III.E.2.b

C. External Paid Employment (pdf) - Faculty Handbook Section III.E.3
D. Policy on Financial Conflict of Interest (pdf)

VIII. Employee Relations

A. Grievance Procedure (pdf)
B. Office of Diversity and Inclusion
C. University Ombuds Office

IX. General Employment

A. Holiday Schedule
B. Privacy of Information

1. Confidentiality of and Access to Personnel Records (pdf) - Faculty Handbook Section III.F.1.c
a. Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (pdf) - Faculty Handbook Section I
b. Personnel Records Disclosure

2. Confidentiality of and Access to Student Records

C. Public Access to College Records - Freedom of Information Act Policy (FOIA)

D. Use of Electronic Communications and Social Media (pdf)
E. Alcohol and Other Drugs
F. Clearance Policy and Procedures
G. Emergency Preparedness


Organizational Chart (pdf)

Professionals and Professional Faculty Constitution and By-Laws