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PPFA Members' Engagement and Participation Policy

To ensure that the Professionals and Professional Faculty Assembly (PPFA) effectively represents William & Mary professionals and professional faculty, functions efficiently, and achieves its goals, each PPFA member must serve actively, contributing the necessary time, commitment, expertise, and leadership. 

Each PPFA member is expected to:

  • Attend (in person or by electronic means*) at least 50% PPFA regular meetings and notify a PPFA officer in advance if not attending.  The PPFA generally meets on a monthly basis.
  • If not an officer, serve on at least one PPFA standing committee.
  • Attend (in person or by electronic means*) at least 50% regular assigned committee/task force meetings and notify the committee chair in advance if not attending.  The number of committee meetings is determined by each committee, but generally ranges from 4 to 8 per year.
  • Assume responsibility or co-responsibility for at least one project annually.
  • Chair at least one PPFA committee or task force during a three-year PPFA term.
  • Review agendas, minutes, proposals, committee reports, and other documents and communications as released. Respond to all that require a response.
  • Provide constructive and timely feedback to PPFA officers and colleagues.
  • Take ownership of an issue: conduct research as needed; submit as agenda items; chair a task force; draft a proposal; etc.
  • Communicate with professional and professional faculty (PPF) colleagues to identify issues of importance to PPFs.
  • Promote the PPFA with professional and professional faculty colleagues, with supervisors, and with other William & Mary employees: discuss the PPFA’s initiatives and successes; encourage others to participate.

This level of engagement, essential to the success of the PPFA, would require an average of 1 to 2 hours per week.

This policy clarifies the PPFA’s Constitution: Article IV, Section 5: 

Section 5. Assembly members shall serve with the expectation of consistent attendance at scheduled meetings. If a member is determined, based on meeting and committee (if relevant) attendance and other Assembly activity, not to be fulfilling his or her membership duties, the seat will be considered vacant. 

PPFA members are expected to self-monitor their participation and notify the PPFA Executive Committee at any point during the year when they feel they are unable to meet the expectations in this policy.   In addition, the PPFA’s Secretary and Committee Chairs will notify the PPFA Executive Committee about any participation problems.   The PPFA Executive Committee will review these on a case-by-case situation, discuss them with the PPFA member, and render a decision.


*Members who require conference telephone or other electronic setup should contact the PPFA’s secretary or appropriate committee chair at least one week in advance of the meeting.  The ability to accommodate a request for electronic participation is subject to equipment availability.