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University Ombuds

The William & Mary Ombuds Office serves as an informal resource for all categories of employees and faculty seeking assistance with workplace concerns. Individuals can talk to the ombuds in confidence about any work-related concern, no matter how big or small. Leaders may also consult with the ombuds in confidence on managing workplace conflict.

If the issue matters to you, it matters.

The Ombuds supports and complements other employee resources on campus. The Ombuds Office's unique mix of skills and tools make it distinct, however.

The Ombuds listens and explores possible courses of action with you. You decide how to move forward — if at all. The services of the Ombuds are free and voluntary as well as confidential and off the record.

Appointments are preferred in order to discuss situations in detail and to minimize uncomfortable interactions with other parties. To protect confidentiality, only scheduling information should be discussed in voicemail or email messages. Confidential online scheduling and meetings are also possible.

What is an Ombuds?