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About Us

The Academic & Applied Esports program is an initiative under the Provost exploring an ecosystem to support the academic (learning & research) and applied (competitive) components. The William & Mary Academic & Applied Esports program will meet the exponential demand of students, accelerate the integration of wellness through research and practice, and provide students with experiential opportunities as they explore their interests and passion for gaming and develop marketable skills for the growing gaming industry.

Strategic Plan

Grow to meet the exponential demand
  • The program has grown to more than 500 participants in two years and plans to provide space, resources, and programming to support the growing number of freshmen, graduate, and transfer students with interest in esports.
  • Our Academic & Applied Esports program elevates the university’s name recognition on the global stage.
  • Students have chosen and will choose W&M because of our esports program, reaching diverse audiences and entry points.

Accelerate the integration of wellness through research and practice

  • One of our pillars is Wellness & Community. We collaborate with the Center for Mindfulness & Authentic Excellence to support the health and well-being of our esports community.
  • We provide development events focusing on nutrition, sleep, excellence, wellness, and mindfulness to promote flourishing in the esports community.
  • We aspire to be one of the premier universities filling the niche of wellness research in the esports industry.

Provide experiential learning opportunities

  • Students participate in hands-on learning opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities that are transferable to other industries in a changing society.
  • Our program provides additional opportunities to grow professional networks, internships, and alumni connections.
  • We will increase the depth and breadth of relationships with faculty, staff, and administrators in disciplines and departments across the university to expand opportunities for our students.