Content Images

Those sprinkled throughout the center column of your site.

(If you do not have photo editing software available to you, try one of these image editors.)

Step 1: Prepare your images

Crop and save images to your computer using one of the supported file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif (further file type restrictions exist on News/Feature and Directory thumbnails).

Content images do not have a required size, but for the typical usage they are approximately 100 to 300 pixels wide, depending on use of the right column and desired visual effect on the page. A content image never needs to be wider than 720 px (the full width of the center column with no right column in place).

Step 2: Upload images to Cascade

Step 3: Add images to a page
  1. Edit the page on which you want the image to appear. Place your cursor where the image should be inserted.
  2. Click Insert/edit image (Insert/edit image button) on the tool bar.
  3. Click Choose File to select the image uploaded in Cascade.
  4. Update the Image Description field with custom descriptive text. This will also serve as alt text for screen readers. This field will auto-populate with your image's Display Name default alt text to get you started.
  5. Optional: Adjust the displayed image dimensions if necessary. Images should be cropped before uploading to Cascade, so adjustments to the dimensions in this step should be minor.
  6. Optional: Use the Class dropdown to align the photo. If you'd like the text of your page to wrap around an image, choose photoleft or photoright. If you wish to also caption your image, choose leftwithcaption or rightwithcaption. The caption will come from the Image Description field you previously entered.
Alternate method to align/caption your image

Once you have inserted your image on the page, you can set your alignment and caption preferences.

  1. If you'd like the text of your page to wrap around an image, select the image and choose photoleft or photoright from the Formats >> Custom menu.
  2. If you wish to caption your image, select the image and choose leftwithcaption or rightwithcaption from the Formats >> Custom menu. The caption will come from the Image Description field in the Insert/edit image dialog box.
  3. To change the format applied to an image, first clear the current formatting (select the image and then Format >> Clear Formatting) and then apply the new format. 
Note: Image captions may not preview correctly in Cascade - you may need to publish the page to see your caption.
Content Image (with caption)