External Image Editors

Edit and resize your images before uploading to Cascade.

Pixlr - Free & Online

A team favorite, Pixlr is a free, online image editor. No download required. Just upload, edit and save. They offer a more in-depth tool as well as an Express version.

Crop images to specified size using Pixlr

This tool is useful when you need to crop an image to specific dimensions (widgets, thumbnails, photosets, etc.).

  1. Go to the Pixlr Editor. The crop tool is selected by default.
  2. Change the "Constraint" dropdown to "output size."
  3. Fill in your desired width and height dimensions in the boxes to the right (for example, 240px for the width and 150px for the height).
  4. Click and drag on the image to set your desired crop area. Adjust your bounding box and hit Enter on your keyboard to complete the crop.
  5. Open the File dropdown and select Save, using the default save options.
Adobe Photoshop Elements - Low Cost Download

Adobe's Photoshop is top of the line software. Photoshop Elements is their scaled down version, and can easily handle the needs of most Cascade users. In fact, for many, it's more than you'll need. But, if you'd prefer to purchase software for editing your photos, IT offers Photoshop Elements for Windows at a significantly reduced price - about $40 for college-owned computers.
(No software warranty implied.)