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Completing Payroll Forms

Employees must complete a W-4, VA-4, and Direct Deposit Form
  • IRS Form W-4 should be completed electronically as a part of FNIS (see below)
  • VA-4 should be completed electronically (docx) in Banner
  • Direct Deposit form should be completed electronically in Banner Self-Service: Employee: Employee Forms: Direct Deposit Form.
IRS Form W-4 (and FNIS)
  • Complete Request for Tax Analysis - Nonresident Aliens. This form can be completed by either the department or the employee.
    • If the department member does not know the employee's citizenship or immigration status, they can leave those blank or select "unknown."
  • The employee will then receive a link for FNIS (Foreign National Information System), if needed, to complete the W-4 electronically.
  • Completing the W-4 electronically through FNIS ensures that any appropriate tax treaties are applied. This will help the employee be paid the correct amount.
  • The Payroll Department has additional information including a detailed description of the FNIS process.
Payroll questions?

Contact Payroll Customer Service: 757-221-2848