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Course Search Live! Registration coming March 2024!

W&M has officially launched PATH. Please review the new search features and layout. The implementation timeline has been updated with specific information about Summer and Fall 2024 course registration for students. Additional information about what to expect for registration, how to build a registration cart, and more will be provided closer to the registration period later this spring.

PATH Course Search

How-To Resources
Build Your Cart & Set Your Priorities 

For degree-seeking undergraduate students, PATH allows you to make course selections and assign a registration priority to those courses in a non-timed environment. After the cart setting period has closed, PATH will evaluate student course selection priorities in multiple "rounds" of registration while maintaining existing social class and priority groups. 

Review the PATH Quick Start Guide (pdf) for more information about building a cart and setting registration priorities. 

Please note: Students will be able to log in to PATH the week of March 4. For information about when carts will open and add/drop periods, please review the When to Register page.

Navigating PATH Course Search

The Course Search function is live and ready for you to explore. Familiarize yourself with the system and its features before fall registration later this spring. Note that PATH Course Search replaces current course search tools at W&M. The Open Courselist and Banner Search for Classes will be retired before the Fall 2024 registration period begins. 

Summer 2024 and Fall 2024 courses will be available in Course Search by February 26. For now, you can search for courses in Spring 2024 and a few past terms.

Try out the new PATH Course Search to learn the parameters and functionality. You can search for courses using any of the following criteria: 

CRN Course Subject
Course Title Instructor
Level Campus/Location
Time/Day Excluded Time/Day (new feature!)
Course Attributes - including COLL and various other attributes No- or Low-Cost Course Materials (new feature!)
Implementation Timeline
Milestones and Registration Events
February 14 PATH Course Search official launch
Try it out! Search for classes in current and previous terms
February 26 Summer and Fall 2024 classes searchable in PATH
March 4-7 Fall 2024 continuing UG business major and minor carts open in PATH (BUAD courses only)
March 18 UG academic advising begins
Fall 2024 continuing UG business major and minor BUAD student schedules available to view in PATH
March 18 -
April 2
Summer 2024 registration opens in Banner Self-Service for degree-seeking UG students
March 27 -
April 2
Fall 2024 carts open in PATH for all continuing UG students
April 15 Fall 2024 continuing UG student schedules available to view in PATH
April 16 Fall 2024 continuing graduate student registration begins in PATH
Summer 2024 registration reopens for UG and begins for graduate students in PATH (12:00 p.m.)
April 18 Fall 2024 UG add/drop period and waitlist begin in PATH (7:00 a.m.)
Community Communications
Community Communications
Email to All Students 2/14/2024

Subject: Introducing PATH for Course Registration

Dear Students, 

Welcome back to campus for the spring semester! I hope you enjoyed the break and that your semester is off to a smooth start. The Office of the University Registrar recognizes that successful course registration is essential to navigating your academic career and that it can sometimes be a stressful process. We are pleased to announce that this spring we will introduce a new registration platform and enhanced processes that will improve your registration experience. 

Introducing PATH Registration 
Beginning in spring 2024, all students will register for summer and fall 2024 courses via PATH. This registration system is not part of Banner and allows you to build a registration cart outside of a timed environment. More comprehensive information will be shared with you as we approach registration. 

An introduction to the PATH registration system and updates about project implementation and timeline can be found on the University Registrar PATH webpage. PATH is available to you now, and the course search feature is live. While you are not yet able to build your registration cart – that step will happen during registration later this spring – you may now see the class search feature. I encourage you to visit and familiarize yourself with the site. Please note that summer and fall courses will not be available until February 26th. When you explore the course search feature, you will be practicing the search function with current spring 2024 courses. 

As we approach summer and fall registration, the Office of the University Registrar will provide information about how registration will work, navigating the system, and what to expect during the registration period. The information will be comprehensive and will be available in a variety of formats, including video tutorials, PDFs with screenshots, and open sessions with UREG staff. 

Enhanced Course Search Features in PATH 

  • Ability to exclude days and times from your search results
  • Increased course attribute filters
  • Ability to search for courses with low- or no-cost materials

Waitlist for Undergraduate Arts & Sciences Courses 
We’re also excited to add the Automated Waitlist feature for undergraduate A&S courses. Waitlist will be activated once undergraduate students have built their registration carts and students’ initial schedules are posted – just in time for add/drop for fall to begin on April 18th. For additional information, you can attend one of the open sessions with UREG staff mentioned above.  

We are hopeful that implementing PATH and the waitlist option will improve the course registration experience for all involved, and we look forward to sharing it with you this spring. In the meantime, please review the project website, begin exploring the new platform, and stay tuned for additional information. Please reach out to [[w|registrar]] with any questions you may have. 


Alana R. Davis
Associate Provost and University Registrar
William & Mary

Email to Undergraduate Business Majors & Minors 2/22/24

Subject: UG Business Student Registration for Fall in PATH 

Dear Undergraduate Business Students, 

You recently received an email from me about the new PATH registration system. I am excited to provide more details about the specific registration period set aside for all business majors and minors.

New PATH Registration 

Beginning in spring 2024, all students will register for fall 2024 courses via PATH. This registration system is not part of Banner and allows you to build a registration cart and prioritize your course selections outside of a timed environment. An introduction to the PATH registration system and resources about building a registration cart can be found on the University Registrar PATH webpage. PATH is available to use now to search for courses. Summer and fall classes will be viewable on February 26th. You will be able to log in to PATH beginning March 4th.

BUAD Course Subjects

Business majors and minors will be the first cohort to use this new system. You will begin by creating a registration cart between March 4th – 7th. You are not limited to a particular timeslot during this cart building period. After the cart building period closes, the PATH system will process registration selections in the order listed below, as determined by the School of Business, during the week of March 11th. Only BUAD course selections will be processed during this time. Any non-BUAD course selections you add to your cart will be ignored during the BUAD registration process. You will not be able to see your schedule until your BUAD course schedule becomes available to you in PATH on March 18th. 

  1. Senior majors
  2. Senior minors
  3. Junior majors
  4. Sophomore majors
  5. Junior minors
  6. Sophomore minors

Please note:

  • Business MAJORS will be limited to 12 credits in BUAD subjects only (though you should put more than 12 BUAD credits in your cart)
  • Senior business MINORS will be limited to 9 credits in BUAD subjects only (though you should put more than 9 BUAD credits in your cart)
  • All other business MINORS will be limited to 6 credits in BUAD subjects only (though you should put more than 6 BUAD credits in your cart)

A&S Course Subjects

March 26th – April 2nd will be your opportunity to create a registration cart and prioritize your course selections for non-BUAD subject courses. That schedule will be viewable in PATH beginning April 15th, with add/drop starting on April 18th.


Alana R. Davis (she/her)
Associate Provost and University Registrar
William & Mary

PATH Overview
PATH Overview

William & Mary has selected PATH by CourseLeaf as its new course planning and registration system. PATH is a web-based, mobile-friendly platform that seamlessly integrates with Banner and will fully replace the existing student registration system for undergraduate and graduate students. This innovative tool enables undergraduate students to rank their preferred courses in a flexible, non-timed environment during registration. Additionally, it offers valuable insights into students’ prioritized course data, benefiting the whole university by empowering departments with information and facilitating informed scheduling decisions. PATH provides a similar registration experience that students are already familiar with but with the benefit of an updated look and feel, improved search functionality, additional features, and enhanced messaging.

PATH is configured with the unique needs of W&M in mind. The course search interface includes W&M specific filters and keyword searches. Course details like the description, instructor information, related sections, and restrictions are clearly outlined and easy to navigate. When a student adds a course to their cart, they are notified of any potential conflicts or restrictions immediately, making it easy to resolve issues before they attempt to register. Additional features include the option to create a link to easily share search results with an advisor and a tool to “exclude times” from search results that will be especially beneficial for students planning their schedule with family, work, and other obligations in mind.

In PATH, undergraduate students will be able to review and request courses and select their course preferences in a ranked order during registration. After students have selected their preferences, registration will occur in multiple “rounds,” while maintaining the existing priority groups and social classes. A student's first preference is referred to as "round one," followed by their second preference as "round two," continuing until all undergraduate student preferences and alternates have been evaluated. This approach is designed to help students achieve the most optimal schedule possible.


Contact the Office of the University Registrar at [[w|registrar]].

Dates and times listed are subject to change. Times listed are in Eastern Time Zone (ET).