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Dropping, Auditing and Variable Credit Courses

Dropping Courses

If you wish to drop an existing course from your schedule, you must use the Action drop down box just left of the CRN for the course you wish to drop. Select Web Dropped and then Submit changes. The course is dropped from your schedule. You will no longer see it in the Current Schedule Section of the Add/Drop worksheet.

Audit Status

You may not select Audit as a course option via Banner Student Self Service. To audit a course, undergraduate students must complete the Permission to Audit (pdf) form. Graduate students, please contact the Graduate Registrar for your program of study.

You must also visit the Registrar's office to take course at a different level than that indicated on the course.

Changing the Credit hours on a Variable Credit Course

If you register for a course that is variable credit (ex. from 1.00 to 3.00 credit hours) you may select the number of credit hours you want. If you select a variable credit course, the system will automatically register you for the minimum number of credit hours allowed for this course. You must either go back to the Registration Menu and Select Change Class Options, or select the hyperlink (highlighted credit hours) on the Add/Drop worksheet which will take you to the Change Class Options page.

On the Change Class Options page you will see a selection box next to Credit Hours. In parenthesis, you will see how many credit hours a course can be taken for (ex. 2.00 to 3.00.) In the selection box, enter the number of credit hours you wish to take. Select . If you do not SUBMIT, your changes will NOT be saved. You only need to complete this step if you are taking the course for more than the minimum number of credit hours allowed.