Community Partnerships

If you are a student who wants to serve directly with a non-profit, a faculty member who wants to integrate community-based learning in your course, or a community organization looking for W&M students to increase your capacity, we are here to support you.

Direct partnerships between students and community organizations are an important way to develop active citizenship and address community identified need. We are glad you’re interested in that experience. Below is some information that will help you to make the most effective connections.

Community partnerships are established with the expectation that:

  • student involvement will help meet identified community needs;
  • students will have a real and measurable impact on the community;
  • agency representatives participate in training student volunteers and assist in facilitating discussions related to the service experience;
  • agency representatives are viewed as co-educators in an experiential learning setting;
  • OCE staff members assist agency representatives in providing superior training, supervision and evaluation of students.

To help facilitate successful partnerships between community organizations and students, we encourage that volunteers and organizations create written expectations for their work together. We have created a basic community work plan that you may use to set expectations about volunteer times, impact, and general expectations. You can download a PDF version here.  

For students who are looking to connect with a local community organization, learn more about how to work with community partners and review the local agency directory.

For faculty who would like to integrate community-based learning, please view the information for faculty.

For community organizations looking to connect with William and Mary students, please view the information for our community partners