First Year Community Engagement Programs

Begin with community

Welcome to William & Mary and the Williamsburg community. There will be many opportunities throughout your time at William & Mary to be part of positive social change and develop your active citizenship, but we offer three programs specifically for first year students. Registration or applications for all three programs will open May 1, 2018.

7 Generations pre-orientation service trips are a four day experience directly preceding W&M Orientation. In three teams, 30 incoming students will explore local community themes through direct service, education, and guided reflection while living together and exploring the community. This is a great program for students interested in an early introduction to community engagement and creating a social network before classes even begin. The program is open to freshman and transfer students. 

SHOW Day is half-day community experience built into the last day of W&M Orientation. More than 150 incoming students are split into small groups and paired with upperclassmen students for service projects in the local community. Many graduating service leaders say that SHOW Day was the spark of their active citizenship at William and Mary, and it's a great introduction to our community.

Aim 4: Freshman Year is a year long program in which students explore the skills and perspectives of active citizenship though direct service, an academic class, and co-curricular experiences.  Each participant receives individual advising, mentorship from upperclassmen, unique opportunities to attend conferences and civic meetings, and the support of a cohort of other freshmen invested in community. This program is open only to incoming freshman students.