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Academic Storage

aka ACStore

Information Technology provides network storage space for all graduate students, faculty and staff.  Additional network storage space may be granted to William & Mary faculty, graduate students and research groups needing larger amounts of storage for academically-related digital materials. This storage system is for the exclusive use of materials directly related to academic endeavors at W&M. The use of this storage space is also subject to the William & Mary Acceptable Use Policy (Student Policy | Faculty & Staff Policy)


Please email the Technology Support Center (TSC) at [[support]] to request an ACStore account.


Once you have requested account(s) on ACStore, and you have received a confirmation that your shares have been created, you can immediately begin using these shares.

Windows (On Campus)
Most Windows computers (those on the ESP lease program, at least) will automatically map to the shares simply by rebooting the computer.  However, you can use these instructions if you need to manually map.

  • Click on your Start button in the lower left corner of your screen
  • Right click on This PC or My Computer
  • Select Map Network Drive…
  • Select the Drive letter that you prefer to use for the map
  • Enter one of the following:
    • Personal - enter \\\acstore-users\W&M Username where "W&M Username" is your standard W&M Username. Example: \\\acstore-users\tjefferson
    • Group - enter \\\acstore-groups\groupname where the "groupname" is the name of your group share on ACStore. Example: \\\acstore-groups\intr4902
    • Class – enter \\\acstore-classes\classname where the “classname” is the name of your class share on ACStore. Example: \\\acstore-classes\INTR204

Note: If your computer is not part of the Campus Domain (almost every personal computer and some college owned systems), you will need to check the Connect using different credentials option.  Provide your W&M login credentials using CAMPUS\W&M Username for the username (ex. CAMPUS\tjefferson).

Macs (On Campus)

  • Select Connect to Server… option under GO on your top menu bar.  This will open a server address input window.
  • Enter one of the following:
    • Personal - enter smb:// Username where "W&M Username" is your standard W&M Username.  Example: smb://
    • Group - enter smb:// where "groupname" is the name of your group share on ACStore. Example: smb://
    • Class – enter smb:// where the “classname” is the name of your class share on ACStore. Example: smb://
  • Click Connect
  • Provide your W&M login credentials using CAMPUS\W&M Username for the username (ex. CAMPUS\tjefferson)
  • Select the Registered User radio button (which it should be by default). For both personal and/or group shares you will need to input your standard W&M Username and password to complete the connection
  • Click Connect
  • You should now have access to your files

Note: You can save these shares as “Favorite Servers” by clicking on the “+” button next to the server address. This will allow you to have quicker access to the ACStore share in the future.

Off Campus Access

You can access network files via Virtual Desktops (VDI) or William & Mary's VPN from off-campus.  

ACStore shares can also be accessed from off-campus locations using SFTP. If you do not already have an SFTP client installed on your computer, you can download it from the Licensed Software website.

Depending on which SFTP client you use, the user interface will be slightly different.  Fortunately the information that you will need to access ACStore is the same. The information you will need to enter is as follow:

Username: [your W&M Username]
Password: [your WMpassword]
Port: 22
Initial Path/Folder: you can leave this blank and navigate to your folder(s) under:

  • Personal - /acstore-users/W&M Username
  • Group - /acstore-groups/groupname
Disk Quotas

Faculty members and graduate students will be granted space on this server by request.  By default faculty will receive 100GB, and all other users will receive 40GB of storage space. Research groups will receive a total of 100GB of storage space following request approval.


Owners of group storage space manage access control (permissions) to their shares in conjunction with Information Technology.  For additional permissions email [[support]].

Processing Data

When working on files that require high levels of drive activity, such as data being used by the HPC, multimedia project files, GIS data sets, etc, data should be moved locally to the machine doing the work, and new data generated can be moved back to ACStore once processing is complete.

Backup/Disaster Recovery

IT will backup all storage spaces every day at 12:05 am and will provide access to these snapshot backups to end-users.  IT will archive daily snapshots for 42 days.  There will be no live backups, tape backups or other off-site storage of any of the data by Information Technology.

Terms of Service

IT will do it’s best to keep this system available on a 24×7 basis. However, we reserve the right to schedule normal maintenance and will attempt to apply such maintenance during off-hours. Should the ACStore become unavailable, we will attempt to recover the system as quickly as possible, but should it fail for any reason outside of normal business hours, we cannot guarantee that it will be resolved until normal business hours.

Termination of Use

Data contained in ACStore will be deleted eight months after the graduation, separation, or termination of the primary owner of the individual or group research share “space” from the university.  Data may also become unavailable due to a violation of the university’s Acceptable Use Policy.


Contact your department's eLearning Specialist or the Technology Support Center at 757-221-4357 (HELP) or [[support]].