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Governance Model 2021

The W&M IT governance structure was created in 2021 to provide a consultative forum for diverse opinions throughout the university.  It is comprised of six advisory committees that relate to specific areas of governance and the overarching IT Advisory Council.  Each committee includes representation from within IT plus faculty, staff, and students so that voices from all corners of the university can be heard.  

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Chairs & Charges
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IT Advisory Council

Co-Chair: Peggy Agouris, Provost
Co-Chair: Ed Aractingi, Chief Information Officer, W&M IT

Charge: The fundamental aim of ITAC is to further institutional goals through the effective use of information technologies. Committee members contribute input and feedback on IT policies and make recommendations about how and when priority projects should be implemented. The committee also plays an advisory role on procedural, organizational, and support issues as they relate to academic services and business practices affected by technology use.  Members are representatives from the submittee as well as key leaders from the university's Executive Leadership Team (ELT).  

Information Security Advisory Group (ISAG)

Co-Chair: Pete Kellogg, Chief Information Security Officer, W&M IT
Co-Chair: TBD

Charge: The Information Security Advisory Committee is charged with assisting the Chief Information Security Officer regarding matters and decisions driven by information security needs of the university. Specifically, the group will assist with information security governance, risk, compliance, audit, and project management. In addition, members will assist with prioritization of efforts and guidance on information security decisions impacting end-users.  The committee will convene twice a year or more often as necessary to work through agenda items. 

Enterprise & Technology Advisory Committee (TAC)

Chair: Corinne Picataggi, Chief Technology Officer, W&M IT

Charge: While William & Mary is actively modernizing the ERP and SIS ecosystems, the Workday Steering Commitee will perform the functions of the Technology Advisory Committee, partnering with technology leadership to evaluate priorities, make recommendations, and be made aware of the work happening within the areas of Infrastructure, Architecture, Systems Automation & Integration, and Application Administration, the core areas of the technology organization. This group will meet quarterly or more depending on demand, provide recommendations to Information Technology leadership, annually report on activity within the team’s purview and act as knowledge ambassadors across the university. As participants are performing typical job functions, they will be mindful of how their work and the work of their peers may intersect the charge of the advisory group. They should solicit input and feedback from colleagues and students, and offer that perspective to the group for discussion and consideration when making decisions and recommendations.

Teaching & Learning Technologies Advisory Committee (TLTAC)

Co-Chair: Adam Barger, Executive Director, Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation
Co-Chair: Mike Murphy, Executive Director of Client Services, W&M IT

Charge: The Teaching & Learning Technologies Committee is designed to provide a voice for faculty and co-educators to share their teaching strategies, needs, and ideas as it relates to the use of technology in face-to-face, blended, and online instruction. The input, ideas, and concerns from this committee will be used for informing future decision making, collaborative projects, and strategic planning of Information Technology and the Studio for Teaching and Learning Innovation (STLI).  This partnership between faculty, co-educators, IT, and STLI is designed to support and co-construct innovative approaches that enrich teaching and learning at William & Mary. 

Data Governance Advisory Committee (DGAC)

Co-Chair: Barbara Forth, Chief Data Officer, W&M IT
Co-Chair: Alana Davis, Associate Provost and University Registrar, Registrar's Office 

Charge: The Data Governance Advisory Committee is charged assisting the Chief Data Officer regarding matters and decisions on data collection, usage, and security for the university. Specifically, this group will assist with the development of Data Governance working teams, policies and procedures, data literacy efforts, data democratization and access decisions, and prioritization of data-related projects including business intelligence and analytics efforts. The committee will convene at least once a semester to work through items managed by the Committee Chairs.  

Research Computing Advisory Committee (RCAC)

Co-Chair: Dennis Manos, Vice Provost for Research , Vice Provost for Research  
Co-Chair: Eric Walter, Executive Director of Research Computing, W&M IT  

Charge: The Research Computing Advisory Committee (RCAC) will advise and assist the W&M Research Computing group in supporting University researchers in their computational research needs. The focus of this committee will include: 1) high-performance computing capacity and performance for W&M research and education, 2) identification of new areas of computing support needed for research initiatives, 3) advising the Research Computing group on prioritizing research initiatives.

Organization & Culture Advisory Committee (OCAC) - Coming in 2023

Co-Chair: TBD
Co-Chair: TBD

Charge: The Organization & Culture Advisory Committee (OCAC) will provide guidance and governance to help all parties within William & Mary’s community thrive in the university’s technological environment, with particular attention on technology-related efforts and opportunities regarding diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility. The group will work to enable technology adoption and achieve sustainable technological growth throughout the institution. The committee will also work to  provide a framework for DEI within the IT department and promote related initiatives.   

Student Technology Advisory Committee (STAC)

Co-Chair: Raymond "Baxter" Bristow, Applications Administrator, W&M IT
Co-Chair: TBD
Advisor: Gregory Henderson, Assistant to the VP for Student Affairs and Chief of Staff, Student Affairs

Charge: The members of STAC reflect technology interests of the William & Mary student community.  STAC is a committee that allows deeper transparency into the work and practices of the IT department and provides a mechanism for students to exchange ideas about IT activities and potential technology solutions to enhance the student experience.  

Input & Feedback

Use this form to communicate with the committee chairs about matters of IT Governance.

Governance Input & Feedback Form

IT Projects

Governance groups will be helpful in prioritizing and advising IT projects based on the following model.

Projects & Governance