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Current Projects & Initiatives

Table with 5 sections, each section describing a current project IT is working on
Papercut Logo

Moving to PaperCut enables students to map to a single print queue instead of one for each lab printer. This drastically simplifies the setup and allows students to swipe their Tribe Card at any of our print release stations on campus to print their print job. It also allows students to pay using their W&M Express funds, rather than getting billed later.

Banner 9

With Banner 9 Admin now in Production, William & Mary Information Technology's focus is on  configuring Banner 9 Self-Service apps that will replace current functionality and deliver new functionality to the W&M community.  While there is no retirement date set for Banner 8 Self-Service, W&M IT is actively working with functional offices that have an interest in testing and going live with Banner 9 Self-Service apps.

Building Projects

W&M Information Technology is currently involved in the construction/renovation projects of the following buildings

  • Sadler Center Expansion
  • Campus Living Center
  • Integrated Science Center (Phase 4)
  • Performing Arts Quarter
  • Blow IT Data Center
  • Busch Field Team Facility

Interest in DocuSign, an electronic signature solution, has been growing since it was introduced on campus in 2017. In simple use cases, users can electronically sign and route documents. More complex implementations involve automatically populating documents with data from Banner, posting information to Banner and/or retaining a copy of the document using Banner Document Management. W&M IT is partnering with campus offices to reduce manual data entry and implement more efficient approval routing using DocuSign.