Biennial Conference

2016 Conference:  Epistemology and Cognition

The Department's 2016 conference will be held on September 9th and 10th.

Our featured speakers include six philosophers and two psychologists. The philosophers are:

Richard Fumerton (University of Iowa)
Alvin Goldman (Rutgers University)
Peter Graham (University of California/Riverside)
Hilary Kornblith (University of Massachusetts/Amherst)
Jennifer Nagel (University of Toronto)
Susanna Schellenberg (Rutgers University)

The psychologists are:

Gary Lupyan (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Lance Rips (Northwestern University)

Commentators include:

Anna-Sara Malmgren (Stanford University)
Lisa Miracchi (University of Pennsylvania)
Ram Neta (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Patrick Rysiew (University of Victoria)

For further information, contact the conference organizers: Christopher Tucker (William & Mary) and Jack Lyons (University of Arkanasas/Fayetteville).

Program forthcoming!

The Department of Philosophy is grateful to Teresa Thompson ('67) and Michael Foradas ('78)
for their generous support.

Past Conferences

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