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Majors and non-majors are welcome to audition for departmental ensembles. Most auditions are held at the beginning of fall semester, but students should consult the webpages of each ensemble or contact the ensemble's conductor for more details. Exact requirements for auditions vary among ensembles, but generally include one or two prepared pieces that display contrasting styles. Sight-reading/sight-singing and scales are also often required.


Appalachian Music Ensemble
Director: [[wrjohnson, Tripp Johnson]]
About: We explore the rich heritage of traditional Southern Appalachian tunes and songs.
Membership: The Appalachian Music Ensemble consists of 25-40 students with a few faculty members and locals sitting in.

Barksdale Treble Chorus
Director: [[jcbart, Dr. Jamie Bartlett]]
About: The Barksdale Treble Chorus is an ensemble of some sixty undergraduates who sing music for treble chorus.
Website: {{}}
Membership: Membership is open to undergraduates by {{, audition}}.

Botetourt Chamber Singers
Director: [[jcbart, Dr. Jamie Bartlett]]
About: Botetourt Chamber Singers contains some of W&M’s best vocal talent.
Website: {{}}
Membership: Membership is open to undergraduates by {{, audition}}.

Brazilian Ensemble square

Brazilian Music Ensemble
Director: [[miyanaga, Michael Iyanaga]]
About: The ensemble performs a repertoire comprising roots samba, choro, samba-de-roda, and forró, as well as more contemporary Afro-Bahian pop music.

Early Music Ensemble
Director: [[jgstone, Gabe Stone]]
About: Early Music Ensemble plays Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music on period instruments.
Membership: About 15 students per year are chosen to join the group


Gallery Players
Director: [[sfviax, Susan Via]]
About: Gallery Players is a conductor-less, advanced level, chamber orchestra comprised of 15 string players.
Membership: Contact the director to schedule an audition

indonesian Gamelan square

Indonesian Gamelan
About: The W&M Gamelan is a set of impressive hanging gongs, kettle gongs, and xylophones on beautifully carved and painted wooden stands.
Membership: Contact the director for information

jazz ensemble square

Jazz Ensemble
Director: [[vxhaskins, Victor Haskins]]
About: This ensemble will vary in size from semester to semester; it could be as few as 4 players, and as many as 20. The number of successful auditions will determine the size and instrumentation.
Website: {{}}
Membership: Membership is open to undergraduates by audition: {{}}


Melodia-Eastern European Instrument and Vocal Ensemble
Director: Yelena Khomenko
About: Founded in 2014, the William & Mary Melodia: Eastern European Instrument & Vocal Ensemble (formerly Russian Music Ensemble) is one of William & Mary’s diverse array of musical groups.
Membership: Students across all disciplines can learn about the cultural history of Eastern Europe and become acquainted with instruments they may have never seen before.

Middle Eastern Music Ensemble
Director: [[akrasm, Anne Rasmussen]]
About: An ensemble that explores the styles and repertoires of Arab, Turkish, Persian, Armenian, and Greek musical traditions.
Website: {{}}
Membership: Students, faculty, and community musicians are welcome. Contact the director to find out how to get involved.

Music of India

Music of India Ensemble
Director: [[mgkatz, Max Katz]]
About: We explore North Indian classical music through a hands-on study of its premiere stringed instrument, the sitar.
Membership: Contact the director for information

Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble
About: A chamber ensemble for undergraduate percussionists.
Membership: Contact the director to schedule an audition

Russian Music Ensemble

Russian Music Ensemble
About: Our diverse repertoire includes Russian, Ukrainian, Serbo-Russian Music EnsembleCroatian, Polish, Bulgarian, and Jewish songs.
Website: {{}}
Membership: Contact the director for information

String Ensemble
Director: [[nacary, Neal Cary]]
About: The String Ensemble class is for small chamber music groups with strings.
Membership: The class is by permission only. Contact the director for information.

Symphony Orchestra

Symphony Orchestra
Director: [[dfgrandis, David Grandis]]
About: WMSO is a full symphony orchestra that can be as large as 80 members.
Website: {{}}
Membership: Membership is open by {{, audition}} to all members of the William & Mary community

W&M Choir

W&M Choir
Director: [[deparks01, Daniel Parks]]
About: The W&M Choir is a mixed choral ensemble of sixty-five students.
Website: {{}}
Membership: Membership is open to undergraduates by {{, audition}}.

Wind Ensemble
Director: [[rcmarcus, Richard Marcus]]
About: 50 wind, brass, and percussion players performing wind music from the 16th through the 21st centuries.
Website: {{}}
Membership: Open to all undergraduate and graduate students by {{, audition}}.