Ewell Hall Room Reservations

Please review the following Ewell Hall Room Reservation Policies and Procedures before requesting a room. 

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Booking Procedure

Requests for use of rooms in Ewell Hall must be submitted on the following form to the Music Department Scheduling Coordinator. Reservation requests may be made by W&M faculty and staff members, W&M students, and community members. Those requesting a room will be advised within three work days of the status of their reservation request. The department will handle any necessary programming of IDs to ensure groups can access the building and their reserved room at their designated time. 

Reservations for the fall semester will be approved after the end of the fall add/drop period (early September). Reservations for the spring semester will be approved after fall break (mid-October). Reservations for summer will be approved after spring break (mid-March). Due to lack of staffing in the summer months, requests for more than one day during the summer break will only be approved when a faculty member is directly involved with the organization and will be able to help if needed. All summer reservations will be subject to approval by the Chair of the Music Department

If a reservation request is deemed unsuitable for the space requested, it will not be approved. Appeals to a reservation decline are subject to the decision of the Chair of the Music Department.

Priority Guidelines

According to the department's priority guidelines, groups booking rooms in Ewell will take precedence in the following order:

  1. Official/non-official academic classes
  2. Official Department of Music functions
  3. Senior recitals or honors projects
  4. W&M affiliated groups

Faculty members scheduling an event that takes precedence over another may bump any previously scheduled renters when conflicts arise. Bumping will be done with proper notice and with an attempt to inconvenience as few persons as possible. A paid reservation will not be bumped except under extraordinary circumstances at the discretion of the Chair of the Music Department. 

Rooms Available for Rental

The following rooms are available for rental through the Department of Music.

  • Recital Hall (Ewell 107)
  • Choral Room (Ewell 151)
  • Classroom (Ewell 154)
  • Rehearsal Room (Ewell 207)
  • Conference Room (Ewell 260)

Warning: Sound leakage issues exist between the Recital Hall (Ewell 107) and the Rehearsal Room (Ewell 207), the Recital Hall (Ewell 107) and the Classroom (Ewell 154), and the Choral Room (Ewell 151) and the Classroom (Ewell 154). Due to the problem, the department may be unable to book events in these rooms at the same time. 

All rooms are located in Ewell Hall on the William and Mary campus. Entry to the facilities are found on the west side of the building (through the entrance labeled "Music Department").

Recital Hall (Ewell 107)

The Recital Hall is a functioning academic space, as well as a performance hall. Each semester, this space is used for student rehearsals, private lessons, senior project performances, academic classes, and department-sponsored performances, such as our Ewell Concert Series events.

The Recital Hall seats approximately 130 people and is wheelchair accessible from the east side of the building. The department provides one small Steinway piano and one large Steinway piano for use by those reserving the space. The small Steinway remains unlocked and available to those who reserve the space. The Steinway grand is kept locked, so individuals renting the room will be required to pick up a key from Olivia Sorensen in the Music Office Suite prior to their event. It is the responsibility of the renter to position the piano on the stage and return the instrument to its original location after the event. The large Steinway must be locked and covered at the end of the event, and the key returned to the Music Office.

Note: The department is responsible for the maintenance and tuning of all pianos. Please notify Logan Chappell, Department Administrator, at (757) 221-1071 at least one week prior to an event to arrange piano tuning. A charge will be incurred for tuning.

Under no condition is the re-aiming of the lighting permitted. The department requests that renters familiarize themselves with the light panel backstage. Lights should be turned off when leaving the facilities. To open or close the curtains on the Recital Hall stage, pull the cords. Do not yank on the curtains, or this will cause them to fall down. The department stresses that Ewell Recital Hall is a small recital hall and not a theater. It is suitable for small recitals, poetry readings, master classes, and lectures. The stage is small, and there is very little space backstage. There are minimal lighting options for the space, and the department's AV equipment is not available for non-departmental events. 

Choral Room (Ewell 151)

The Choral Room is used by the department as an academic classroom and a rehearsal space for the Choir, Women's Chorus, Botetourt Chamber Singers, and several of our departmental ensembles. The room is frequently rented by small student groups for rehearsals and meetings. The room contains a chalkboard, whiteboard, projector and screen, AV cart, risers, desks, small table, electric keyboard, and piano, which is kept locked when not in use for official Department of Music functions. 

Classroom (Ewell 154)

Ewell 154 is used by the department as an academic classroom, a green room for performances in the Recital Hall, and as a rehearsal space for some of our departmental ensembles. The room is often used by small student groups for rehearsals and meetings. The room contains two whiteboards, a chalkboard, desks, a small table, an upright piano, an AV cart, and a projector and screen.

Rehearsal Room (Ewell 207)

The Rehearsal Room is used by the department as a rehearsal space for the Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and Symphony Orchestra, as a place to teach private lessons, and as a storage space for large instruments. The room can hold approximately 85 people and is an ideal space for large ensemble rehearsals or group meetings. The room contains a whiteboard, approximately 75 chairs and 65 stands, a piano, and a full symphonic percussion selection, including timpani, battery, and mallet instruments. Please note that due to the nature of the equipment stored in this room, the room's use is restricted. All non-departmental reservations will be subject to approval by the Chair of the Music Department. 

Conference Room (Ewell 260)

The Conference Room is used by the department as an academic classroom, a space for faculty meetings, and occasionally as a rehearsal space for smaller departmental ensembles. The room can hold approximately 16 people and contains six tables, numerous chairs, a chalkboard, AV equipment, projector, and an upright piano. This room is only accessible for non-departmental reservations Monday-Friday between 8:00am-5:00pm due to its location in the department's office suite, which is locked in the evenings. 

Ewell Hall Access Hours

Entrance doors to the Music section of Ewell Hall are open every day of the week from 7:00am to 11:00pm. 

Doors to Ewell 107 (Recital Hall), Ewell 151 (Choral Room), and Ewell 154 (Classroom) are open Monday-Friday from 7:00am to 10:00pm but are locked Saturday-Sunday. The door to Ewell 207 (Rehearsal Room) is open every day from 7:00am to 10:00pm to accommodate music students who need to rehearse.

Music faculty and staff members have card swipe access to all of Ewell at all times. All W&M students enrolled in a Music course have card swipe access to the main door of Ewell at all times. Access for non-Music renters during locked hours is available only by card swipe access set up upon confirmation of a room reservation.

Responsibilities of Renter

Chairs/Props: The renter is responsible for all physical room arrangements, including the moving of pianos, chairs, tables, curtains, etc. Rooms must be returned to their original state upon the end of a reservation. 

Security: Doors must be secured when leaving a rented room. If the room is left unsecured and damage occurs to the room or its contents, the group who used the room last will be held responsible for the damage. 

Equipment for non-W&M renters: The use of any room in Ewell Hall by off-campus groups does not include the use of W&M equipment (stands, audio equipment, musical instruments) unless approved ahead of time. Approval for the use of musical instruments, if applicable, will be done through the Director of Orchestra or the Director of Bands and will involve an instrument rental fee. 

Cost Structure

The following costs are associated with renting a room in Ewell Hall. Please note that payment is due to the Bursar's Office at least one week prior to the event.

Custodial Fees

Ewell Hall has no College-supported custodial service between Friday evenings and Monday mornings. In order to ensure that the facilities are clean, restrooms restocked with paper, and trash cans emptied, groups renting over a weekend will incur a $50 custodial fee to aid the department in paying for a contracted custodial service. The only rentals exempt from this fee are senior recitals by music concentrators and official Department of Music events. 

Room Rental Fees

The following room rental fees will be incurred by any non-W&M affiliated renters seeking to use a space in Ewell Hall. 

  • Recital Hall (Ewell 107) - $100 per event
  • Choral Room (Ewell 151) - $100 per event
  • Classroom (Ewell 154) - $100 per event
  • Rehearsal Room (Ewell 207) - $100 per event
  • Conference Room (Ewell 260) - $100 per event
Instrument Rental Fees

If a renter has arranged with the Director of Bands or the Director of Orchestra to use a departmental instrument, an additional charge set at the discretion of the Director may be incurred.

Check Room Availability

Recital Hall (Ewell 107)
Choral Room (Ewell 151)
Classroom (Ewell 154)
Rehearsal Room (Ewell 207)
Conference Room (Ewell 260)


I understand and agree not to hold The College of William and Mary and/or the Commonwealth of Virginia responsible for costs, expenses, fires, injuries, and/or deaths which arise from or are caused by the use of college facilities of the activity hereby applied for the applicant, its employees, agents, invitees, or independent contractors. 

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