Undergraduate Program

Professor Jamie Bartlett conducting.  Photo by Steve Salpukas.

Each semester more than 400 students take academic music classes; more than 300 perform in ensembles; and more than 700 take applied lessons. Thus, in any given semester, some 1,400 students at the College (more than 25 percent of the student body) are actively engaged with the Department of Music.

Our curriculum includes an exceptionally wide variety of academic courses (seminars as well as lectures; classes devoted to a particular topic as well as broad historical or topical surveys), numerous performing ensembles, and private lesson instruction (in either individual or group lesson format). Most of our lower-level courses do not assume previous musical experience or the ability to read music. Among the academic courses are classes in music theory, orchestration, and conducting. Historical and ethnographic surveys are offered in world music, western music, American music, popular music, jazz, and electro-acoustic music. Freshman seminars and upper-level courses cover topics in more detail.