Majoring in Music

A major in Music requires 37 credits: 16 credits in core requirements, 4 credits of performance, 16 credits of elective academic courses, and 1 credit as the senior project. The core requirements consists of MUSC 201, MUSC 213, MUSC 241, and MUSC 345. The Major Writing Requirement and the Computing Proficiency Requirement are fulfilled by earning a C- or better in MUSC 345. The 16 elective credits are limited to academic courses of 3 or more credits; MUSC 101 and MUSC 210 may not be counted towards the major. The 4 credits of performance will consist of either 2 credits in a single departmental ensemble and 2 credits in a single performance area OR 4 credits in a single departmental ensemble. No more than 18 credits toward the major may be transferred from elsewhere. No GER 6 exemptions are given for music lessons.

Old Music Notes

Majors in Music will also complete a Senior Capstone Project, which is designed in conjunction with a project advisor. The project advisor need not be the same as the major advisor. The Senior Project consists of a supervised independent study, which may culminates in either a project, presentation, production, or performance. During the semester in which a major undertakes the Senior Project, she or he is required to enroll in MUSC 491 for one credit. Students completing Honors in Music will satisfy the senior project requirement with MUSC 495-496. 

Student who declared their Music major before Fall 2014 should consult the Music Department's past major requirements to determine the classes required to graduate.