Academic Advising for Music Majors

Before you declare your major in music, you need to find a professor to serve as your major advisor. You will work with your major advisor to plan the courses you will take to fulfill your major requirements. It is best to try to match yourself with a faculty member who has similar academic interests. They can point you towards opportunities you might not find on your own. 

To make a choice, contact an advisor from this list. Ask if they will serve as your major advisor, and schedule an appointment with them. Before your meeting, complete the Music Major Worksheet [pdf]. This will help you sketch out a plan for completing all major requirements. During your meeting, you will discuss and finalize your plan with your advisor and complete the Declaration of Major Form [pdf]. 

Music Advisors

James Armstrong (Musicology & Conducting)
Jamie Bartlett (Conducting & Performance)
David Grandis (Conducting & Performance)
Brian Hulse (Theory & Composition)
Max Katz (Ethnomusicology)
Gayle Murchison (Musicology)
Thomas Payne (Musicology)
Katherine Preston (Musicology)
Anne Rasumussen (Ethnomusicology)
Sophia Serghi (Theory & Composition)