Leadership Positions

A&S graduate students are asked to volunteer for the leadership positions described below. To volunteer, please contact [[grs]].

Humanities and Sciences Chair: Will jointly ensure the successful execution of the annual Graduate Research Symposium. Each Chair is responsible for the creation of event guidelines and materials that are congruent with the practices of their respective disciplines. Their duties will include, but are not limited to: appointing Symposium Committee members, presiding over Symposium Committee meetings, initiating a Call for Abstracts, selection of participants, communication with accepted and declined applicants, creation of event program, establishing evaluation criteria, and awards.

Computer/Technical Manager: Assists the Humanities and Sciences Chairs in the coordination, organization, and implementation of the Graduate Research Symposium, including room setup and presentations (a/v).

Volunteer Coordinator: Will plan, organize, and manage the event volunteers. Duties include assigning volunteer tasks, creating volunteer schedules, and overseeing registration procedures during the event.

Internal Communication Specialist: Will be responsible for marketing the event to the College of William and Mary faculty, staff, and students. Duties include the design and delivery of brochures and flyers, frequent e-mail communication, and selected invitations to guest participants (e.g., President, Provost, Deans, and Departmental Directors of Graduate Studies).

External Communication Specialist: Will be responsible for marketing the Symposium to the Williamsburg community and regional universities. Duties include but are not limited to the design of advertising copy, press releases, and correspondence with departmental chairs at regional universities.

Web Master: Will create and maintain the Graduate Research Symposium web site, including the development of web-based forms and the maintenance of a web database.

Publications Specialist: Will design and print the Graduate Research Symposium Program.