Talk Guidelines

1)  How long is the oral presentation?
Natural & Computational Science oral presentations are allotted 12 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for questions from the general audience, while Humanities & Social Science oral presentations are allotted 15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions from the general audience.  Time keeping will be strictly enforced and the session chair will provide you with visual indicators to assist you with time management during your presentation.

3)  What type of computer & audio-visual equipment will be provided?
We will provide a PC laptop with Microsoft Office 2016 and a LCD projector for each session room.  The audio from the PC laptops will be connected to the audio speakers in the session room.  You must use the PC laptop we provide and you may NOT bring your own.  We highly encourage the use of PowerPoint slides for your visual aids and a good rule-of-thumb is one slide per minute. You must bring your own laser pointer if needed.

4)  How do I handle downloading the PowerPoint file to the PC laptop?
We will do it for you.  All presenters are required to e-mail us their PowerPoint file by 5pm March 13, 2019, two days before the symposium.  In addition, please save your presentation on a portable memory device (USB Flash Drive) and bring it to the GRS as backup or if you have last minute changes to your slides.

5)  What if I am a Mac user?
Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties in the past we do NOT allow the use of Mac laptops.

6)  Can I create my presentation using a program other than PowerPoint?
Yes, but please send it to us on/before March 13, 2019 to make sure that there are no technical difficulties with your chosen format.

7)  Any other words of wisdom?
Meet with your advisor or colleagues to discuss your presentation; a second opinion always helps.  Also, practice your presentation more than once.

8)  Any other questions?
Just send an e-mail to the GRS chair.