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Digital Poster Sessions for Undergraduate Honors Presenters

Undergraduate Honors students have the option to present a digital poster at the GHRS instead of a traditional large-format printed poster such as those used at academic conferences. Those interested in the digital poster format should read the following detailed guidance.
PowerPoint Guidelines

Your presentation should have 5 slides telling the story of your research project. You will also prepare a 5-minute verbal narrative to share when someone walks up to you and asks what your research is about. Use of images, graphs, charts, tables, animations, illustrations is encouraged! Keep text very brief – you should do most of the talking, not your slides. Make sure your faculty mentor reviews and approves your finished PowerPoint presentation before the Symposium.

Practical Considerations:

  • We have 29” wide monitors available for you to present digital presentations from your laptop.
  • Monitors have a standard HDMI port. If you are using a Mac or have a laptop without an HDMI port, we recommend you bring an adaptor. We will have a few on hand just in case.

Required components to include:

  • Project title
  • Your name
  • Your faculty mentor’s name
  • Faculty mentor's department
  • IRB or PHSC protocol number if working with human subjects
  • Funding source

Recommended components to include:

  • Background – why was this research needed?
  • Research questions – what did you want to discover?
  • Methodology – how was your research designed and how did you carry it out?
  • Results – clearly state the main finding(s)
  • Implications – what’s the impact and what are the future directions?
  • References/Citations
Presentation Tips
  • Practice, practice, practice! It’s important to practice so you can present with confidence and clarity.
  • Utilize your vocal range. Speak clearly and use variety in your voice (fast/slow, loud/soft).
  • Do not rush – find your rhythm. Remember to pause at key points, as it gives the audience time to think about what you are saying.
  • Give attention to your body language: stand straight and confidently; hold your head up and make eye contact; never turn your back to the audience. Practice how you will use your hands and ensure your presentation is delivered from a single position.
  • Avoid the common mistakes of rolling back and forth on your heels, pacing for no reason, and/or playing with your hair.  These habits are distracting for the audience.
  • Dress: Students should follow a work casual dress code
Presentation Tips & Resources

Tips for Creating a Digital Presentation - W&M Libraries presentation created specifically for digital presenters at the Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium
Slide Formatting Checklist – PDF created by LouAnne Hawkines and Christopher Leone
Oral Presentation Tips – PDF created by Lisa Scott
Clear and Memorable Presentations – Prerecorded William & Mary Libraries Zoom presentation
Tips for a Memorable 5-Minute Research Presentation – Cornell University
Past examples: 2022 W&M Research Month Presentations
William & Mary Slide Template