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Careers & Professional Opportunities

  • Watch out for job & internship offers in the geology listserv! Contact Merridith Erfe ([[w|mcerfe]]) to be added to the listserv.
  • The Cohen Career Center regularly hosts events and workshops that will give you advice on creating your resume, how to network, interviewing successfully and more. Connect with alumni and recruiters through events such as the Science Career Expo and individual meet ups. Check out the Cohen Career Center resources for students here to be up to date on their events and workshops.
  • Be sure to utilize the TribeCareers network. This is an interactive site where students can search for full and part-time jobs, internships, fellowships, and campus positions. You can also RSVP for career center events, and schedule an appointment with a career advisor.
  • Don Snyder ([[w|dlsnyder]]) is our Industry Advisor for STEM Careers at W&M.  He also manages a Blackboard site – “Career Connections for Science Students.” This site includes internship and fellowship listings, resume examples, career center and other events, and useful websites. Send him an email to get access to this resource page!
  • Here is a partial list of careers that recent W&M Geology majors have pursued (but there are many more!):
    Agricultural Engineer
    Association for Women Geoscientists Foundation (non-profit)
    Civil Engineer
    Conservation Resources
    Environmental Consultant
    Environmental Educatior
    Environmental Law
    Environmental Remediation
    Geology in the Public Interest (non-profit)
    GIS Analyst
    GIS Technician
    Museum Curator
    Park Ranger
    Petroleum Engineer
    Planetary Geologist
    Science Communication
    Soil Scientist
    State Geologist
    Sustainability Director
    The Amazon Conservation Team (non-profit)
    Urban Planner
    Wastewater Engineer