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Framing Assumptions

Refined by the W&M Community in Phases I and II, applied during Phase III

Sources: Vision, Mission, Values Statement. SPSC whitepapers for Teaching & Learning (pdf), Research & Innovation (pdf), Flourishing & Engagement (pdf).

  • A boundary-transcending education grounded in the liberal arts and sciences best prepares our graduates to flourish as citizens and professionals in a rapidly changing world (VMV, T&L, R&I, F&E).
  • Deep human connections are a hallmark of William & Mary, created via applied student learning, mentored research and alumni engagement (VMV, T&L, R&I, F&E).
  • Fulfilling William & Mary's mission requires greater focus on sustainability – a flourishing planet and people – as perhaps the most pressing need of our time (VMV, T&L, R&I, F&E).
  • In order to cultivate creative thinkers, principled leaders and compassionate global citizens, William & Mary must reach far beyond its current locales (VMV, T&L, R&I).
  • More than ever before, William & Mary students, faculty, staff and alumni reflect our multifaceted and pluralistic democracy. The diversity advanced via demographic change in our nation and communities is a source of strength and vitality (VMV, T&L, F&E).
  • Human beings learn throughout their lifetimes, in traditional classrooms as well as through innovative technologies and practical experiences (T&L, F&E).
  • Demonstrating and effectively communicating the value of a William & Mary education – to internal and external audiences – will be a key success factor in everything we do (T&L, F&E).
  • Leading universities claim distinctive identities. Signature areas of excellence drive market awareness (T&L, R&I).
  • Across every industry, thriving organizations focus on wellness within their community (VMV, F&E).
  • William & Mary's organizational infrastructure should enhance our ability to transcend boundaries, facilitate efficient decision-making and incentivize collaboration and innovation (T&L, R&I).
  • Organizational flexibility, coordinated collaboration and transparent communication characterize successful universities in the 21st century (T&L, R&I).
  • The decreasing population of high school graduates will intensify competition for traditional-aged undergraduate enrollment and increase the price sensitivity of prospective students (T&L, F&E).
  • Our most valuable resource is human effort. Optimally applied, our efforts focus on William & Mary's core mission (R&I).