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Intramural Sports Supervisors

The purpose of the Intramural Sports program is to provide structured, competitive leagues and tournaments in a variety of sports and activities offered throughout the school year. Intramural Sports Supervisors are responsible for staffing team sports including Indoor Soccer, Softball, Flag Football, Floor Hockey, 5x5 Basketball, Outdoor Soccer and Volleyball as well as several weekend tournaments and special events. Supervisors must be able to enforce playing rules and implement Intramural Sports policies to ensure fairness and safety in intramural contests.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The supervisor is responsible for the overall supervision of the intramural sports program. He/she is responsible for game/match administration, individual/dual meets and tournaments, student officials (including training and evaluation), and enforcing all rules and policies established for IM participants by the Campus Recreation Department. Additionally, supervisors are responsible for acting as a liaison between the officials/participants and the Graduate Assistant of Intramurals and the Assistant Director of Intramurals.

While on duty, the supervisor is the representative of the professional staff and the university. He/she shall take control in all emergency situations, deal with injuries, be accountable for set-up and storage of equipment, settle disputes, answer inquiries and evaluate the job performance of student officials. Common sense, communication, and visibility are keys to being an effective and  efficient supervisor.

Supervisors are expected to work an average of 10 hours a week (this will vary from week to week). There are also shifts on weekends and supervisors are expected to take some of those as well (as their schedule permits, but approximately 7 weekends per semester). The numbers are not hard and fast; they vary among supervisors and based on what sports are being run at the time. All supervisors should attend all supervisor meetings, officials’ training sessions and officials’ meetings, as well as captains’ meetings where his/her schedule permits.

Required Experience:
Applicants must have worked as an Intramural Official for at least one semester at the university to apply.

Preferred Experience:
Supervisory experience and officiating background (or interest) in a number of sports preferred.

Period of Employment:
Employment as an Intramural Sports Official is seasonal and based on the schedule of team sports.

Compensation and Hours:
Pay range – $8.25 per hour for new supervisors with a $.25 raise for successive years worked.

Hours are self-selected and flexible, approximately 10 hours per week.