Employment Opportunities

Interested in working in the Campus Recreation Department? Complete an application!

Applications are open!

Apply Here for:
Lifeguard (Summer, Fall and Spring) - multiple positions available, certification required 
Facility Operations (Summer, Fall and Spring) - multiple positions available
Water Safety Instructor (Fall and Spring) - multiple positions available
CPR Instructor (Fall and Spring) - multiple positions available, certification required
Climbing Wall Assistant (Fall and Spring) - multiple positions available
Patron Service Assistant (Fall and Spring- multiple positions available

Interested in becoming a Personal Trainer?  More information can be found here.

Interested in becoming a Group Fitness Instructor?  More information can be found here.

Interested in becoming an Intramural Sports Official? More information can be found here


 For more information about related to specific job titles please contact:

-Climbing Wall Attendants (CWA): for more information contact [[mswhite, Michael White]], Assistant Director - Outdoor Recreation at (757) 221-2687.

-Facility Operations: for more information contact [[jeholm, James Holmes]], Assistant Director - Facilities and Equipment at (757) 221-7665.

-Group Fitness Instructors: for more information contact [[jvrueh, Jenny Dunfee]], Associate Director - Fitness & Wellness at (757)221-3313.

-IM Sports Officials (Individual Sport Applications - Access Here): for more information contact [[rjtigh, Joe Tighe]], Associate Director - Intramurals at (757) 221-3314.

-Personal Trainers: for more information contact [[jvrueh, Jenny Dunfee]], Associate Director - Fitness & Wellness at (757) 221-3313.

-Sport Club Supervisors: for more information contact [[dwgardner, Dan Gardner]], Assistant Director - Sport Clubs at (757) 221-2959.

-Lifeguards, Patron Service Assistant, CPR & Water Safety Instructors: for more information contact [[rhgough, Bob Gough]], Associate Director - Facilities and Aquatics at (757) 221-3499.

See position descriptions below.

Hiring cycles occur throughout the school year. Applications are always open.