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Facility Supervisors

**This position will be promoted to from within the department.

Facility Supervisors (FSs) are responsible for the overall supervision of the Student Recreation Center. More specifically, Facility Supervisors are responsible for all of the duties involved with daily operations of the facility, supervising other Recreational Sports personnel and Recreation Center programs and enforcing Recreational Sports Department rules and regulations.

These duties include, but are not limited to, opening and closing the Student Recreation Center; being knowledgeable of department programs, activities, and policies; appropriately handling patron disputes and complaints; emergency management; maintaining patron and employee safety and rapport; and upholding a level of professionalism required of all Recreational Sports employs.

FSs will work in conjunction with the Student Development Graduate Assistant, the Student Development Assistant Director, other Student Recreation Center staff and each other in fulfilling these duties.

Job Expectations:
  1. Operate the facility under the prescribed operating procedures.
  2. Ensure that the facility is opened and closed at the scheduled times.
  3. See that all personnel are present and at their assigned areas when they are scheduled to work. If not, the FS is responsible for finding a replacement for that shift. The FS will report this absence on the Facility Supervisor Daily Report.
  4. Upon arrival, 15 minutes prior to your shift, review the Daily Report, specifically the “Today” sheet, check all activity areas to ensure that they are unlocked and lighted. Check all unattended exit doors to see that they are locked.
  5. You must wear khaki shorts or pants with a belt to work as well as closed-toed shoes.
  6. Adhere to emergency procedures as established by the Recreational Sports Department, and complete accurate injury reports. Any incident that involves a serious injury, a criminal act, or general misconduct should be reported to Campus Police immediately. The emergency # is 911. The facility supervisor should notify the professional staff.
  7. Be familiar with all aspects of the building; the location and operation of all alarms, pull stations, AEDs, and fire extinguishers as well as telephones. Please note on the FS report any equipment that is not working. There is a campus phone located in the gym at the front desk- NO personal calls from desk phones!
  8. Be familiar with all aspects of the program so that you can answer questions, handle problems, and reply to inquiries from participants.
  9. Make rounds of the building looking for facility problems, safety hazards or improper departmental operations. Remember to check the swimming pool as well as the outside pool door and storage doors. Take participation counts in each area and record on the facility form.
  10. You are responsible for the keys to all doors in the Rec Center.
  11. See that all rules and regulations are being followed by participants and personnel.
  12. Assist as needed with the Intramurals, Sport Clubs, and Recreational activities (set-up, supervision, take down).
  13. If other employees need a short break, please assist them with their job responsibilities.
  14. Fill out a Facility Supervisor Report. Indicate to the professional staff any and all malfunctions and abnormalities of the departments’ operation.
  15. Examine the condition of the Free Weight Room. Ensure that the weights, bars, dumbbells and the free weight accessories are properly racked. Encourage individuals that are lifting to assist you with ensuring that the room is safe. Assist with spotting patrons who are lifting, if needed.
  16. Attend all FS meetings as scheduled.
  17. At the end of your shift, relay any messages, problems, etc. to the next FS.
  18. If you are working the first shift, you will open the facility. See the FS opening checklist for specific details and procedures.
  19. If you are working the last shift, you will close the facility. See the FS closing checklist for specific details and procedures.
  20. Employees working at the close of the day are to remain on duty until the facility is completely closed. To ensure everyone’s safety, the OM and FS should leave the building together after closing. The FS is responsible for making sure all employees have a safe way home.
  21. At assigned times, clean and maintain the cardiovascular equipment.
  22. All FS employees will be required to participate in review sessions throughout the year, as well as keep CPR, First Aid, and AED certifications valid. If anything out of the ordinary occurs during your shift, please do not hesitate to contact a professional staff member as soon as possible.
  23. Perform any other duties as required by the Recreational Sports Department.