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Sport Club Forms A-Z


Beginning of Year Forms

Online PDF Tutorial (mp4)

Attendance Tracker (due daily before practice ends)

Online MP4

Sport Club Coach Volunteer MOU

Email Sport Club Assistant Director MP4
O Organizational Update O-Online MP4
S Safety Officer Application (must be OSHA approved which means in-person element required; must include First Aid, CPR and AED skills). S-Online MP4
U Use of Weapons Agreement U- PDF MP4

W-PDF:  Parental/Temporary Waiver Forms - Students under the age of 18 must

complete an online waiver and also submit waiver signed by a Parent or Guardian,

who may fax the signed form to (757) 221-1919, Attention: Sport Club Graduate Assistant.                                            




Letter Home Event Forms Online PDF
A Event Registration - Submit for all home events (due at noon on Monday the week of the event)

Google Form


C Event Report Form - Submit this after each home or away event (due by 5pm the Wednesday after the event) C-Online
E Emergency Protocols E-PDF   
H Home Event Checklist H-PDF
Letter Travel Forms Online PDF
B Trip Plan - Submit for all away events (due at noon on Monday the week of departure)

Google Form

C Event Report Form - Submit this after each home or away event (due by 5pm the Wednesday after the event) C-Online
D Driver Authorization (needs to be submitted each academic year) IMLeagues
E Emergency Protocols E-PDF
I Injury/Incident Report I-PDF

Travel Authorization & Lodging Exception Form

(sign only - do not date)


Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher (sign only - do not date)

R-1 Travel Reimbursement Request Form R-1-PDF
V Vehicle Rental Request V-Online
Letter Risk Management Forms Online PDF
E Emergency Protocols E-PDF   
I Injury/Incident Report I-PDF
S Safety Officer Application S-Online
T Sport Club Equipment Inventory Record                                                                                                             T-PDF
Letters Financial Forms Online PDF Tutorial (video)
FASC Financial Aid for Sport Clubs FASC
R-2 Non-Travel Reimbursement Request Form R-2 PDF
TS Tier System Evaluation Form (will reopen in Spring 2017) TS-Online
PR Purchase Request (submitted in buyW&M) buyW&M Instructions YouTube
Letter Club Management Forms Online     PDF  
T Sport Club Equipment Inventory Record                                                                                                             


FA First Aid Kit Restocking Form FA-Online
CS Community Service Event Form CS-Online