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Any additional questions can be addressed to the Assistant Director of Sport Clubs, [[rsclub, Dan Gardner]]

Club Organization
Facility Requests & Event Registrations
Risk Management
Budget & Finance
Event Results
Who may participate in W&M sport clubs?

Sport clubs are open for participation to the entire William & Mary community (students, faculty, & staff). Participants must be 18 years of age or older, with the exception of first year students who have not yet reached the age of 18. W&M students under the age of 18 must have parental consent to participate in a sport club. 

Are there cuts?

The philosophy of our sport club program is to allow participation by any member of the William & Mary community. As a result, clubs do not have cuts. However, clubs do vary in their competition levels. Some clubs may have both a traveling competitive team and a non-competing recreational team. Clubs often differentiate the two as "Green" and "Gold" or "A" and "B" teams. When clubs have more individuals vying for positions than are available for competition, then some club members may be designated to one team or another, depending upon skill level and prior experience with the activity.

May Williamsburg community members join a W&M sport club?

Due to limited resources, only members of of the William & Mary community may join a sport club. 

Club Organization
When do you recommend holding elections for new officers?

We recommend changing officers at the beginning of the Spring semester. This is so that the new officers have ample time to learn about the position, get some practical experience, and still be able to ask questions to any of the previous officers before those officers leave or graduate.

Why not just hold elections at the end of the year, and let the new officers begin in the fall?

We don't recommend this for a number of reasons. First, this method doesn't always allow the new officers to get practical experience before taking on their responsibilities. Second, the beginning of the fall semester is so busy that it is often overwhelming for new officers to learn all the responsibilities. Finally, some transitional items need to take place prior to the summer (such as budget), and it is best to do that changeover in the spring rather than wait for the fall.

Facility Requests & Activity Registrations
Where do I find my club's practice time?

Full practice schedules are available online.

Why can't we just go on a field/court when it is empty to practice?

Sport Clubs have a limited amount of practice space and time available to them because we share much of our field and gym space with Athletics, Kinesiology, and Intramurals. We do the best we can with the number of clubs we have and the time we are able to give. Occasionally, your club will have to share space with another club, or come up with other creative compromises with other clubs in order to meet your practice needs.  

How do we reserve field/gym space for a home event?

First, confirm possible dates with your opponent. Then complete Appendix A - Activity/Event Registration and email it to the Graduate Assistant and Assistant Director to register your event with Campus Rec and request your field or facility. The Assistant Director will get back to you as soon as possible with a confirmation. The week prior to a home event club members are required to meet with the Assistant Director to discuss details about the event.

Do we have to submit Event Registrations for ALL of our events?

You need to register all official club events with Campus Rec by the appropriate deadlines. The easiest and most efficient way of doing this is by using the Appendix A online submission form for Home Events and the Appendix B online submission form for Away Events. Official club events are events in which:

  • Participants learn about the event via a club listserv email, or by announcement at a club meeting/practice/event.
  • The club intends to request financial assistance (reimbursement, check request) to help cover costs of the trip/event
  • The club represents William & Mary in name or by wearing a William & Mary uniform.

It helps for your club to register all events, because your club will earn points for each registered event that takes place, and points for each event report you submit following your event. Overall point totals help determine your budget for the following academic year.

What is the deadline for registering our event?

We recommend you submit your event registration as soon as you have it confirmed. This will ensure you have time to organize your trip plan if you are traveling, or confirm facility space if you are hosting an event at William & Mary. The absolute deadlines for submitting both home (Form A) and away (Form B) events is 5 business days prior to the event. For example, if you are hosting an event on Saturday, Form A is due by Monday at noon the week of the event.

What happens if we submit our Activity Registration after the deadline?

If you submit your Activity Registration after the deadline but before the activity occurs, your club will not receive any performance points for the activity, and you will not be eligible to receive reimbursement for any expenses incurred during this activity.

What happens if we do not submit an Activity Registration at all and still participate in an activity as a club?

If your club fails to submit an Activity Registration and still chooses to participate, then you may be subject to disciplinary action under Campus Rec policies (See "Disciplinary Procedures" in the Sport Club manual (pdf). This may include one of 3 levels of probation or possible suspension of the club.

Risk Management

For comprehensive Risk Management information, visit the Safety Officer page.

Why do club members need to complete and sign the Waiver/Agreement to Participate form?

If you've ever participated in an activity with the potential for risk that is sponsored by any organization, you've probably signed a release form and completed an emergency contact form in the case of illness, injury, or accident. Think of a time you might have gone whitewater rafting, entered a running race or triathlon, gone bungee jumping, gone horseback riding, etc. etc. (the list goes on). Agreement to Participate forms seek to inform participants of the potential for risk involved with a particular activity BEFORE participating in the activity.

Waiver/Agreement to Participate: As a recognized Sport Club, you and your club members are part of the William & Mary organization. The William & Mary organization, therefore, wants to inform each participant if the potential for accidents while engaging in university sponsored activities. It is absolutely necessary that each participant understands the possibility of accidents before practicing or playing with the sport club. This is why the Waiver/Agreement to Participate Form is required.

How many people need to be certified in First Aid and CPR?

At least two members certified in First Aid and CPR must be present for each practice/game/event. They must also have provided a copy of their First Aid & CPR certifications to the Sport Club Office and have submitted a Form S and the Safety Officer Training Quiz via the Google Form Application.

Are there any exceptions to the rule that there must be two safety officers at each practice/game/event?



For comprehensive travel information, visit the Away Events page.

Who is eligible to drive?

Only club members who have completed the Driver Authorization Form (Appendix D), via the IMLeagues Portal and met the standard requirements laid out on the form are eligible to drive other club members to and from club practices/events. The following four (4) circumstances will prohibit an individual from becoming an authorized driver for travel to/from club events:

  • Driver's license is currently suspended or revoked
  • Person has had two (2) or more moving violations in the last 12 months
  • Person has had a DUI or DWI conviction in the last 24 months
  • Person is not covered under an automobile insurance policy
What are Trip Plans, and why are they necessary?

The Trip Plan tells us when a club is traveling, where they are traveling to, a contact number of a club member, who will be going on the trip, and in which vehicle each club member will be traveling. We request these so that we are aware of club activity, and so we may be on call in case of an emergency while a club is on the road.

What is the deadline for submitting our Trip Plan?

We recommend you submit your Trip Plan as soon as you have your travel plans confirmed. This will ensure you have time to make sure all drivers have submitted their Driver Authorization Form via IMLeagues and are authorized to drive. The absolute deadlines for both Activity Registrations (Appendix A) and Trip Plans (Appendix B) are 5 business days (by Monday at noon the week of the event).

What happens if we do not submit a Trip Plan at all and still travel to and participate in an activity as a club?

If your club fails to submit a Trip Form and still choose to travel and participate in an activity, then you will be subject to disciplinary action under Campus Recreation policies (See "Disciplinary Procedures" in Section 3.E. of the Sport Club manual (pdf)). This may include one of 3 levels of probation or possible suspension of the club.

What are Van Driving Classes and who needs to take them?

Campus Police and Dan Gardner offer van driving classes (not certifications) for learning driving techniques for both a 12-passenger vans. We require the van driving course of any club member who wishes to drive a 12-passenger van (state or rental). These courses will be offered at the beginning of each semester.

Why do we have to inspect the Rec Center vans every time we go out on a trip?

Campus Recreation checks the vans on a regular basis, including when they are checked back in. It is important for the responsible driver to check all safety components and become familiar with the van before departure. Also, you don't want to be charged for any damage that you are not responsible for, so it is best to indicate any prior damage before departing for your trip! And again, anyone who drives a van must be certified to do so by taking the Van Driving Course with Campus Police.


For comprehensive budget information, visit our Finance Resources.

How does the budget process work?

Each recognized sport club is eligible to receive funding from the Campus Recreation Department. Your club budget allocation is for the entire academic year, not per semester. We hold budget hearings in the spring to determine budgetary allocation for the next academic year. The allocation is based upon a number of factors, including demonstrated need, club activity (how active you are), self-generated funds, the tier system, and compliance with administrative guidelines set forth by Campus Recreation. 

What budget options do we have?

Each club has the opportunity to tap into three different budgetary sources. They are:

  1. Campus Recreation Allocation: A limited budget that you may use to pay for transportation costs, entry fees, lodging, equipment, or any special, pre-approved purpose. To purchase equipment, we recommend you seek out the lowest price, and talk to Megan about purchasing options. Anything you do not spend by the end of Spring Semester (by mid-April) does not carry over to the next academic year.
  2. Sport Club Checking Account: This is your club's checking account for which your club holds sole fiduciary responsibiilty, if your club operates one. This is not a W&M fund. W&M is in no way responsible for your own assets.
  3.  Club Development Account: This is money your club may receive from alumni, parents, or other forms of donations. Anyone making a donation should make checks payable to "William & Mary" and place "your club name" in the memo section of the check. Have them mail or submit the checks directly to the Sport Club Office c/o Dan Gardner, who will ensure that the check goes to the development office under the proper account. If any check goes to the development office but is not clearly marked for your club, your club will not receive the funds. Submitting the checks to Campus Rec first ensures that the donation will make it into the proper account. Donations carry over from year to year.
How do we change names on our checking account?

When you elect new officers, your past members who were named on the business resolution and card of your own checking account may need to change names on the checking account with your local bank. This is your club's responsibility as your club has sole fiduciary responsibility of your property.

How do I get reimbursed?

Complete a reimbursement request form within ten (10) business days of purchase or travel, and include original receipts and all relevant information (including Student ID#, travel dates, hotel room occupants). For travel, you must sign two travel vouchers, which may be accessed on our web page. Once you have completed the reimbursement request, submit it to the Sport Club Office. You should receive payment in approximately 4-6 weeks. Reimbursement requests will not be accepted if:

  • You do not include a receipt, hotel folio, or other relevant information
  • You do not include your Student ID#
  • You do not sign travel vouchers (Appendix P & Appendix Q).
If we purchase equipment with our recreation center budget allocation, can we keep it for ourselves?

Any equipment purchased for the club through the Campus Recreation Budget must be inventoried and returned to the Recreation Center at the end of each academic year. We will put the equipment in storage, and sign it back to your club when the school year starts back up again in the fall.

Do we need to return equipment to the Recreation Center if we purchase it using our club checking account?

It is not necessary for you to turn in equipment secured through your club checking account, since that all comes from self-generated funds. However, many clubs return this equipment at the end of the year anyway, since it serves to benefit the club in the future.

Event Reports
What do you do with the Event Reports (Appendix C) we submit?

We do several things with the information you provide us in the event result forms. 

  1. Report on your activities at the weekly Campus Recreation staff meeting so that employees of the Rec Center know how you are doing.
  2. Use the information for an end of year report.
  3. Celebrate the most creative ones at our end of the year Sport Club Banquet!
Can we submit our results to the Flat Hat?

Yes! We strongly encourage clubs to write a story and submit it to the Flat Hat (they even sometimes have a special section called "The Club House." This helps your club in a number of ways: it gives you great exposure, allows you to brag a little about the club, and allows you to announce to the entire campus community when your next home event/tournament/match/meet/regatta/hike etc. is going to be. This can help give your club a good name in the campus community and help the club's growth.

How do I update our website?

William & Mary student clubs and organizations use TribeLink to update websites. In order to update your site, first log into TribeLink.

Follow all the instructions to edit existing pages and create new pages. If you need help, refer to Student Leadership Development's TribeLink How-To Guides page. Once you've done that, you can give individual people access to editing the website by going to TribeLink and editing your club members' permissions. They will then be able to log into TribeLink with their own WMuserid and password.

How do I display my club's pictures?

We recommend using an external tool such as Picasa or Flickr in order to display any photos you have of your club.