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Fancy Characters & Styling

For text fields and captions.

On occasion you will need to display fancy characters or use italics in an area with no WYSIWYG editor to assist you - in one of Cascade's plain text fields such as the page title or teaser, or a caption.

Special Characters in Text Fields

Most characters will paste into a plain text field accurately from a source such as Word. Copy and paste the character into the field in Cascade and submit the page to confirm if it displays correctly.

Italics, Bold & Superscript in Captions

When italics or superscript are needed in a caption (photosets, slideshows), wrap the words or phrases in the designated "pseudo code":

  • {em} {/em} for italics
  • {strong} {/strong} for bold - avoid use of bold in captions
  • {sup} {/sup} for superscript

For example, the following caption:

H.M.S. {em}Pinafore{/em}

Will display as:

H.M.S. Pinafore