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Tools & Techniques

Alert Style: Highlight a paragraph of text on your page.

Analytics: The data you need without leaving Cascade.

Audio Embeds: Display an audio player in the content region of any story or page.

Content Buttons: Turn your link into a button. No image work required.

Collapsible Lists: Offer a more consolidated view of your content when your visitors first land on your page,

Control Folder Order: Often display order is controlled by folder order. Learn to reorder menus and other items.

Edit With Preview: View your edits as you make them.

Fancy Characters & Styling: Input fancy text characters into plain text fields and style text in captions.

Hyperlinking Text Fields: Learn how to create links when working in plain text fields.

Protect Email Addresses: Spam bots feast on email addresses in web pages. Use this trick to hide yours.

Redirects: A nifty asset with a variety of uses.

Relationships: Get a list of assets that internally link to or display your page, widget, documents and more.

Restoring Versions: Really screw up your page? Don't worry, Cascade has your back.

Shortcut Menu: Quick access to functions like Edit and Publish; helps prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Social Media Buttons: Promote your social media channels throughout your site.

Social Media Sharing: Help readers share your page or story by adding a Share bar.

Summary Field: A little summary goes a long way — learn about the benefits of using this field.

Vanity URLs: Simplify a long URL.

YouTube Embedding: Display YouTube videos in the content region of any page or story... no HTML required!